Monday, October 06, 2003

Preach on Brother.... 10-6-2003

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


I sit here like any other Monday and I wonder where do we go from here?

Why is this still happening?
Why is this site still up?
Why is Ron Zook still our head coach?
What in the F does this guy have to do to get fired?
Lose to Vandy?
Is that now our new standard of acceptable coaching?
Beating Vandy?

The shirt we have "Because the SEC already has one Vandy" was a joke, but now it looks more like a premonition. What is failure at Florida now? I pray that today, my phone will ring and it will be one of my friends and they will say "did you hear, they are calling a press conference" I would start dancing and take the rest of the day off to celebrate! It would be music to my ears! That's all I want for Christmas. I would want to hear him babble and make excuses at that press conference, that would go in my tape collection next to the national championship game and the "Best Game Ever at The Swamp" I would watch it every day! EVERY DAY!

I would like to say the only place to go is up, but I doubt that. I mean I have to now accept that our arch rivals will be Kentucky and Ole Miss now that Zook is our coach. I mean these were the best two games we had all year. How do you coach the Florida Gators and lose two years in a row to Ole Miss? How's that possible? Explain it to me, that we are young and last year we had no talent and going in to Ole Miss is tough and this year they have Eli Manning and he can really throw blah blah blah....BULL$HIT!!! Tell me we should give this man another week to destroy this program even more. An Ole Miss player said Florida was just another name respect...and why should they fear or respect us? Are you scared of clowns? I'm not. I think they are stupid. And Ron Zook is a clown. All the writers now sound like this website. All of them! We told you the day after he was hired this would happen!!!


If I knew, and many fans of this site knew, and Saint fans knew, and Ohio State fans knew that Ron Zook was not head coach material ... How did Foley and the media not know? The Florida Gators are now officially a joke. And that hurts. It hurts real bad. Some kid was selling snickers bars for his basketball team yesterday, I was going to play touch football for the Gotham Gators so I had a Gator shirt on, some kid from Harlem. I agree to buy some candy to help him out, he looks down and sees my Gator shirt and says "you a Gator fan man" I said "yeah, I know its tough" and he said "I'm sorry." I can't believe people pity us now, they used to hate us! They used to fear us!

I am so sick of losing and hearing nonsense Zook-speak to explain it away. Do we still control our own destiny in the SEC East? Did we learn a lot from the loss? Fire him now! I heard that the Delta Tau Delta house had a banner up with on it. Thanks guys, we would ask that every fraternity house should have a banner up with, the more people who do the faster we can chase him out of town AGAIN!!!!

Ole Miss was 117th in the country in pass defense. Texas Tech tore them apart, so what did we do? Run the ball, fine. Then we have a small lead in the fourth quarter and Carthon and Wynn are pounding their light line and we go over the top for three interceptions? Why did we have the sudden urge to air it out? What in the "F" was he thinking? What? I really have no idea.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO RON ZOOK HOW THE CLOCK IN A FOOTBALL GAME WORKS!!! Because it is clear to me has absolutely no understanding of it. This guy has been an assistant football coach for how many years? And somehow he has no idea on how to manage the clock? Yet everyone who owns NCAA 2004 video game knows how to manage a clock? If he can't learn basic time management strategy how is he going to operate a complex passing game or a defense?

The answer is he will NEVER BE ABLE TO!!! He is an awful head coach. The cupboard last year was not bare, 8 players got drafted, and Graham and Hardmon got looks in NFL camps. The coach was awful. The scheme was worse and now he is blaming a freshman quarterback for interceptions. I'm sorry, you put him in for Ingle Martin and you called the plays Ronnie? Why were we passing with the lead in the fourth quarter when we were running right through them? WAS THAT LEAK'S FAULT TOO? Give me a break!

The defense somehow let up over 200 yards rushing against Ole Miss. Again Charlie Strong is way too conservative for me. How about an adjustment? How about a run blitz? I mean it was obvious what Ole Miss wanted to do, they wanted to run and keep their defense off the field, and go deep every so often. And we didn't catch on. Or were we scared? Scared that Manning would beat us deep? Don't we have Guss Scott and Keiwan Ratliff? I still think they should Fire Zook and Zaunbrecher and give him interim head coach job to Strong for the rest of the season. At least he has a clue. I understand that most of the defense is young and maybe a complicated blitzing system would be tough to install. Maybe. But man that was tough to watch.

What's next? A drubbing by LSU, then what? How many losses will it take? Ask yourself this, is there a coach in the SEC worse then Zook right now? NO...The Big XII, nope...The Big Ten? No...The Pac 10? No can't say there is AND THEY HAVE NO COACH IN ARIZONA. How about the ACC? No and finally the Big East? I would take the Rutgers coach in a heart beat over Zook!!! Less then a heart beat to be perfectly honest! So why does the University of Florida still have this coach? What is his master plan? Is he tanking games so we surprise people next year? The proof is in his record! The proof is we may not be bowl eligible this year!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT!

Kentucky and San Jose are the only wins that qualify, LSU, Georgia, Arkansas and FSU are no longer considered winnable games, they would take divine intervention to win. So we have South Carolina and Vandy that we could win, but South Carolina played Tennessee way better then we did and that was in Knoxville. So I am not sure about that game. It's time now to act. This is no longer a hasty decision, we are well into the Zook program and the results are much worse then expected (well not by us, but by the national media and coaches). Foley, its time to let your buddy go. Its time to fess up and admit you made a mistake and that he was not right for the job. Or we can sit here and try to endure this embarrassment of a season and watch teams walk into Florida Field and beat us, the good thing about the LSU game is the loss will be on the road this week. For some reason they hurt a little less then getting waxed in Florida Field.

Zook should get some sleep, stop working out and get his ass in a film room. He needs to learn how to coach, and until Foley is a man and cans him the fans, alumni and players will have to live with his stupidity. As he learns on the job how to be a HEAD FOOTBALL COACH! Remember we told you he had no idea how to be a coach over a year ago!

I want to say this for all the gator fans and alumni like myself: