Monday, November 03, 2003

FRZ Editor's Note 11-3-2003

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.

------- apologizes to Verne Lundquist, as he was previously misquoted in the Editor's Note referring to FRZ fans as cowards.

How in the hell does he do it? I just don't understand at all. I mean, I'm simply giddy over our win this weekend, and this whole time I really expected that we would surely lose this game. Even though there's that part of me that knows WE OWN GEORGIA. So to me, this man is just simply amazing and I will never understand how he loses these games. thought I was talking about Zook? HELL NO! My befuddlement is with Mark Richt, silly.

Sure, Georgia lost about 20 zillion people to injuries in the first 3 quarters. And hey, Leak is just doing a bang-up job in there as a freshman quarterback. But the astounding details of my position are in the commentary:

Jill Arrington (God bless her, and Jesus, and baby Jesus) interviewed Zook after halftime and asked a very specific question, paraphrased: Coach Zook, what did you learn about the Bulldogs in the first half?

And Zook's answer, paraphrased: Well, we learned that Georgia has a great offense...and Georgia also has a great defense...and well, these two teams are just playing great and we'll continue to play.

Stunning. Simply stunning. I could see it in Jill's eyes. What she really wanted to say was, "Um, so basically you're telling me you didn't learn anything then, right? Great!"

Equally as stunning was Blackledge's little jab at us once the game was in Gator hands. His reference to us as "cowards" prompted some of the funniest phone calls I've received after a Gator game in long time. In fact, my own mother even called me up and as I answered the phone I heard: "Hello son, you coward!", followed by uncontrollable laughter. Thanks mom!

The reality is, this is a roller coaster ride that I never wanted to be in line for. The #21 Gators should never be playing the #4 Dawgs. My mom understands. She knows that for me and thousands of other FRZ fans out there, watching Gator games on Saturdays this season is torture. You want your team to win the big games and you're happy when they do, but you know that come Monday you're gonna take a little punishment from the Gators who don't quite agree with you and still think Zook has the answers. But that's ok. We still stand behind our beliefs. And we're prepared to take the criticism.

But hey, no hard feelings. It's all about the ratings, right? And I'll tell you I'm rating the Gators' talent pretty high these days, and it feels good. But for some reason, going into the latter part of the season with 3 straight wins under our belt I'm reminded of those poor Boston Red Sox. When it comes down to the SEC East championship, what will be Zook's 8th inning decision?

Either way, it's guaranteed to be better than Mark Richt's...and that's just plain scary for the Dawgs.