Sunday, September 19, 2004

FRZ Editor's Note 9-19-2004

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


Well...if I knew the name of the line judge who just got paid off by Tennessee...I'd start a website to try to get him fired too. For the first time since Zook was hired, I actually agree with Todd Blackledge. Complete and total BULLSHIT.

Granted, we all know that the Gators should not have been in that position in the first place. With the momentum they had gained, they should have been ahead by two scores. I'm sure we also all agree that a team should be DISCIPLINED enough so that with less than two minutes left in the game, YOU DON'T HIT ANOTHER PLAYER RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DAMN REFEREE! What the hell was he thinking?

Once again, Tennessee and Fulmer found a way to let us have the game...only this time we didn't take advantage.
I must say however, now that Zook isn't doing the play-calling, I see some minor improvements. I sat through three quarters thinking "I don't see too much wrong here" and "Wow, we actually look pretty solid." What did we have, only 4 or 5 bubble screens this game? Amazing. We actually threw a few real passes...and by the grace of God we actually went right at them after turnovers. Damn I missed that these past 3 years.

Many of you are probably waiting for the catch, right? You know, the section of this Editor's Note that blames this loss on Zook? Well either I'm getting soft or I'm just too pissed off right now to come up with one. I suppose I could put two and two together: New offensive coordinator is calling decent plays (not spectacular by any stretch of the imagination). Strong is still giving up too many yards, but he's not a total clown. So where does that leave our Head Coach? My assessment is the same as it was in the charge of managing personnel and the issues that come with it, one of which is DISCIPLINE.

It's a stretch...I know. But this website isn't titled just for the hell of it.

On another note, Blackledge has by no means redeemed himself in the eyes of this Editor. He's still a schmuck. However, now I understand why he hates me so much. His father was a coach. I hope Zook doesn't remind him of his father...nobody likes to think their father is a loser.

My TENNESSEE SUCKS shirt will have to hit the closet for another long year. At least my fiance will be happy. She thinks I look like a redneck in it anyway.