Monday, November 20, 2006

The Ron Zook Better Football Video Series, Part II

Just like Tom Emanski teaches baseball fundamentals, Ron Zook has his own video series for the aspiring coach.

Today's selection from the RZBFVS vault is appropriate because of the Fighting Illini's 27-16 loss to 4-8 Northwestern this past Saturday, ending Zook's second season at 2-10.

Playing Down to Your Competition - Learn what it takes to be a master egg-layer. This video will give you all the insights and tips on how to travel to an opponent's stadium when you are favored by 25 points and still manage to eke out a loss. Don't let the fact that your team is several times as talented as the opponent get in your way. Includes "Mailing it in: Because This Game Doesn't Matter at All" and "The Art of Losing to a Team With a Loss to a Division I-AA Opponent." Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
Although technically Northwestern is a better team than Illinois, judging by their record, we must remember that this same Illini team held OSU to 17 points in a 17-10 loss.

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