Friday, December 22, 2006

The Ron Zook Better Football Video Series, Part III

Since I received an angry comment from a reader about Zook's recruiting prowess I thought I'd stir the pot and present this week's selection from "The Ron Zook Better Football Video Series." That's right, just like Tom Emanski teaches baseball fundamentals, Ron Zook has his own video series for the aspiring coach. My selection for the week is:

Talent Squandering: Learn new and innovative ways to be a master recruiter, rake in as many five-star and four-star recruits as humanly possible, and then learn what it takes to make sure you get the absolute lowest amount of return from your dynamite squad. Soon, you too will be able to take a preseason top ten team into the glorious territory of the unranked. After all, those high expectations are such a drag.

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MilwaukeeGator said...

YES! This is MilwaukeeGator and I'm thrilled to have one of my two submissions to the Ron Zook Better Football Series as the highlight of the week! Keep it coming, "NotBaghead"!