Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Zook job in the making?

Last week I asked if Iowa might be the team to bring the real Zook out for the first time this season. I have to be honest, I hedged. But my suspicions were correct. In a grudge match rivalry game when the pressure was on Zook folded like a bad hand in Texas Hold 'em. It's interesting that none of the 1500 readers that stopped by courtesy of the Illinois message boards came back to tell me how great Zook is after that performance. Figures. I've never seen a bigger bunch of kool-aid drinking, ignorant asses.

This week the Michigan Wolverines will roll into Champaign to take on the Illini. The teams appear to be evenly matched. Vegas is calling this a pick 'em game which means that at neutral site the odds makers believe Michigan is field goal better than Illinois.

What will Zook show us this week? What trick play will blow up in his face like a prank cigar? What questionable substitution will he make? Will he try an on side kick at some point other than down late in game?

He'll do something. Vegas may think these teams are evenly matched and they might be if you were looking only at the talent, but despite Lloyd Carr's detractors, he's still easily much smarter than Zook.

Go Blue


SEC_Overrated said...

After Flordia loses its third straight this weekend how soon before you start calling for Urban Meyer's head?

not baghead said...

It's not about simply losing a game, jackass. It's about the decisions that are made that contribute to losing a game. If Meyer suddenly loses half of his brain matter and accepts penalties that any other coach would decline then I might start to doubt him. To date Meyer has made only one coaching mistake and was to allow 30 seconds to expire before eventually calling a time out against LSU late in the game. One decision in 3 seasons with an SEC title and a national title under his belt can't be compared to a career's worth of ridiculous decisions and a career losing record that Zook has.

Get lost.

sec_overrated said...

I don't know if you actually watched the Iowa game but they had already gone on 4th and 6 and 4th and 7 when Zook decided to accept the penalties and put Iowa in longer yardage situations. It was pretty irrelevant wether he accepted or declined the penalties regardless of the outcome because Iowa would have just gone for it from the field position they were at.

Maybe you don't realize it, but 20 of the 22 starters on the Flordia team last year were recruited by Zook. And now that they have begun to graduate suddenly Flordia already has two losses, one by blowing a 10 point lead and the other at home to an unranked team.

This is a public blog and if you want to criticize a man who all the shitty Flordia fans ran out of town, then be prepared to be criticized yourself.

Anonymous said...

If Zook were still here, we'd have four loses.

not baghead said...

Hey asshole,

I saw the entire fucking game because I love to watch that idiot fall on his face.

On the two occasions that Ferentz decided to go for it Iowa was on the Illinois 33 and 28 yard line respectively. That translates into field goals of 50 and 45 yards. Iowa's kickers are 6 for 11 for the year.

Punting would mean a net gain of 13 yards and 8 yards respecitively if the punts resulted in touchbacks.

This is what most astute football fans would regard as a no man's land and 4 down territory.

When Zook accepted the penalty Iowa was on the 15 yard line. They were down 6-3. If Ferentz HAD DECIDED to go for it, instead of the relatively easy FG, and failed to get the first down (as they failed the two times that you mentioned - its not like Iowa's going for it had hurt the Illini) then the media (and I) would be on him and not Zook.

If you are going to lose, you might as well lose while making the right decisions not the wrong ones.

Another thing, shit for brains, is that Zook would have coach last year's Gators to another 7-5 record with a Bowl loss.

Weren't you watching when Urban Meyer reeled in the number 1 class in the country according to I'll take Urban Meyer recruiting any day. When you lose 9 starters from your championship defense and replace them with underclassmen you are going to expect a decline. Besides isn't it Zook's fucking fault that Florida only has 21 upperclassmen on Scholarship? This year's juniors and seniors are Zook's last two recruiting classes.

Go learn a thing about football before you pollute this blog with your nonsense again.

SEC_Overrated said...

I think it hysterical that you yell at Illinois fans for calling you names and insulting penis size when I bring up valid points and you call me shit for brains. Who knows how Zook would have done with the team last year, the point is that it was his players, not Meyer's who helped win the championship.

Anonymous said...

Go back to bed, Mrs. Zook.

not baghead said...

And Steve Spurrier won with Galen Hall's players. Charlie Weis won with Ty Willingham's players. Jim Tressel won with Coop's players. Big fucking deal. Zook doesn't get a ring for that. It only proves how shitty a coach he was.

Besides, you're an ass. I don't give a fuck what you dicks say about my penis size. I didn't get offended. Go back and read what I wrote. I thought it was funny. Why the hell do you care what I write anyway? Why do you have to defend something you believe to be true (Zook is a good coach) to a guy with a bag on his head?

You come in here with that idiotic handle (have you seen the top 25 lately jerky?) and say a bunch of stupid shit, I'm gonna call you out on it.

I noticed that you couldn't refute my points on the game situations last saturday. Nice try.

Anonymous said...