Saturday, October 13, 2007

Message board Nazis

The message board Nazi's are on patrol at They don't like "negative" comments particularly about the coaching staff. Already there are two locked threads. One is entitled "Loss is on the staff"

Play calling and decisions cost us this game. We should have rode Rashard a lot mor, especially near the goal line. Does the staff watch tapes of him wanting to score down there? Bad, bad play calling.
Agreed, terrible play calling around the goal line. And even worse on those two penalties.
That's all that readers could get in before the thread was locked.

On another thread that hasn't been locked yet and astute reader posts:
1) RZ twice accepts penalties instead of forcing iowa into a 4th down situation, iowa gets first downs anyhow, including touchdowns.

2) ball is at 10, you have two time outs. why not run the ball? it was only 2d down on McGee's INT.

3) Illinois D Line gave Christensen all day to throw against a OL that is decimated with injuries.

4) Ignore Rashard when the game is on the line.

Games like these got RZ fired at Florida.
Astute indeed.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the locked threads had nothing to do with negative comments. There is just no point in having multiple threads on the same topic saying the same thing. The point of locking the threads was just to direct traffic in to the post-game thread. That has been a standard policy at illiniboard for years.

I can tell you that there wasn't a single negative post deleted. If you read the post-game thread, and subsequent threads on the QBs and discussions of hte offense, you'll see plenty of griping about Zook's idiotic calls.

not baghead said...

You're kidding, right? You mean to tell me that there isn't a mod on IB that used to go by the name "Secret Police" who would go around making sure all Zook talk was happy talk? Because I know for a fact that that fuckhead deleted several of my posts and locked several threads back when you guys hired moRon.

Anonymous said...

You're thinking of the wrong Illiniboard.

"Illiniboard" used to be the board, and then the owner took it independent for a variety of reasons.

The current "illiniboard" rarely deletes posts. They'll lock threads to keep the same discussion in once place, but that's a far cry from deleting posts, just trying to direct the traffic. Again, I can tell you as a concrete fact that no posts were deleted on Saturday. And there is no current mod at Illiniboard named "Secret Police." There was, when illiniboard used to be the Scout board, but not anymore.

The board you're thinking of is now "" There the moderation is ridiculous. You can't say a bad thing about any of our programs without getting banned from that place.

Anonymous said...


Not Baghead looks like a real asshole in this one. Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!