Friday, April 18, 2008

Another first for Zook

Well Illini fans, the Sporting News is reporting that Illinois football players just held their first players-only meeting in response to Ron Zook's spring program:

Illinois football coach Ron Zook says he and the other Illini coaches have pushed their players hard this spring, maybe a little too hard.

Zook says the team had a players-only meeting week before last, something that isn't always a good sign.
Players-only meetings became a staple for Zook at Florida where he was never able to instill discipline and respect for authority. But the Zooker, ever the optimist, tries to find the silver lining:
Zook wasn't initially sure what to think about the meeting, but he says he believes it's a sign of strong team leadership.

And he insists he still doesn't know what the players said.
Yeah, why would he know? It's not like he's the head coach being paid millions of dollars to know.

Have fun this season.