Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Ron Zook Reality Show

Well it seems that moRon Zook has agreed to have his Fighting Illini featured in a reality TV show on the Big Ten Network:

Mention ‘‘Big Brother,’’ and [Zook] will assume you’re talking about his older sibling, Bob.

But the former Gator head coach is prepared to go in front of the cameras with his coaches and players for a Big Ten Network series called ‘‘The Journey.’’

The BTN also looked into Purdue, where coach Joe Tiller is to pass the baton to Danny Hope, and Michigan, which has been a daily soap opera since Rich Rodriguez left behind bitter West Virginia fans.

Rodriguez, whose tenure already has sparked controversies over uniform numbers and a transfer (lineman Justin Boren) to Ohio State, opted to keep the cameras away.

The first installment of ‘‘Illinois Football: The Journey’’ will air Sept. 2 and last an hour. The series is slated for 10 to 13 episodes, most 30 minutes long.
Prediction: Mark your calendars, this reality show is going to be "must see TV", nothing like watching an implosion. And no amount of editing will be able to conceal the fact that Zook is a motormouthed meathead.

Notable in the piece is how Zook is already setting low expectations...
‘‘(Zook) will tell you: ‘Nothing is assured this year,’ ” Schweir said. ‘‘A couple of twists and turns, and you could be .500.’’
I was looking at the Illini schedule and .500 seems about right. The way I see it Zook will have to be very lucky to beat any of the following teams:
Penn State
Ohio State
That leaves:
Eastern Illinois
Western Michigan
No doubt Zook will win one of the games he should lose but will also lose one of the ones he should win. 6-6 along with a visit to some 4th tier bowl is my prediction.

By the way you can buy your Zook Zone Towel now. I know I can make use of it. See if you can guess how.