Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Journey...

to nowhere.

Just caught the replay of the Ron Zook reality show. Of course it's a well-produced piece of propaganda and everything is hunky dory because it was shot before the first game. The Illini were still undefeated.

Zook doesn't come across as big of a dope as he really is, but it's early still. There was a part in of the show where a player tells an anecdote about Zook and how he demands that his players run everywhere even if they don't know where to go. Great idea. It's typical of Zook. It doesn't matter if what you are doing is wrong as long as you get there fast.

Another thing is how spoke about reaching the Rose Bowl as a major accomplishment without mentioning the total ass-kicking they took. He should have been impressing upon his players how they should want to avenge that embarrassment.

Brit Miller is funny. His game better be as good as his act.

Juice Williams looks like he's high when he's being interviewed.

It'll be interesting to watch the meltdowns that are sure to come.

P.S. In next week's episode Ron Zook explains how giving up half a hundy "is probably the best thing that could have happened to us."


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Anonymous said...

I really believe that the Illini fans dont realize how much trouble they are really in for this season.Giving up 52 points and a gazillion yards right out of the gate...when their D was supposed to be the glue of the team doesnt bode well.
It will be fun to watch the meltdown however.