Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sideline to sideline?

Zook needs to explain to them the objective is to go from end zone to end zone.

Zook seems to think that you win games with athleticism and emotion alone. He doesn't allow for the possibility of strategy and technique and adjustments. Everything of course is correctable, except he doesn't say what needs to be corrected or how it will be corrected. Typical Zookese bullshit. He even forgot he's got a bye this week. Excitable meathead.


Anonymous said...

The episode you are citing was after the Eastern Illinois game.

When that was filmed in the locker room, the next week was Louisiana Lafayette.

So, no, Zook didn't forget he had a bye week.

If you weren't so blinded by your irrational obsession, you might actually post something of value and intelligence that reflected even the slightest understanding of football.

As it is, I imagine it must be really frustrating for you to clearly watch so much football, and not actually understand a bit of it.

Anonymous said...

If you werent so blinded by your irrational obsession that Zook is a good coach,you would understand what he is trying to tell you! Loser

Not Baghead said...

You're so right, my obsession induced blindness caused me to assume that the latest clips posted by the B10 network were actually from latest game. Now I'm going to take the whole site down because you've shown me the light.

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Typical fireronzook armchair commentary BS.

In a post game talk for a game that you just won, why, as a coach, would you demoralize your team by focusing on the details of what you screwed up? Zook acknowledged there were problems. Beyond that -- let the team enjoy the victory and the moment first, then smack everyone for what went wrong the next day.

Given your superior knowledge of the game, as soon as you land that high paying, head coaching position at a major university, be sure to let us all know so we can watch you succeed in the public eye. I can barely understand why Florida picked Meyer over you when you know so much.

The fact remains Zook had a great season last year at Illinois which resulted in some big interest in the program. If he hadn't been somewhat successful, would this blog even be here?

Illinois won't ever content for a BCS title, but unlike Florida, maybe that's not what the goal of the program is.

Not Baghead said...

I started this blog in November 2006. Zook had a fluke year last year. Talk to me at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout Ole Miss?

Urban Meyer is such an amazing coach

Not Baghead said...

Very funny. Have you checked their career W-L records lately?

Not Baghead said...

You're an idiot. No further explanation is required but I'll give you one anyway. I claim that Zook is a bad coach because of his track record. You claim Urban Meyer is a bad coach despite his track record.

But let me ask you this. How many of Florida's turnovers was Urban Meyer responsible for? Did Urban Meyer fail to block the defender that blocked the extra point?

Have a nice day, douche.