Monday, September 07, 2009

And so it begins

For a variety of reasons I have had ZERO time to follow Zook's incoherent rambling and the travails of Illinois football much less post anything to this blog but a recent flurry of visits and a few comment awoke me from my slumber.

Zook and the boys shit the bed against Mizzou in the season opener.


But he recruited all of Florida's players, right?


Feel free to vent in the comments folks.


Anonymous said...

This post is going to blow up soon. I believe, and I never wanted to have to say this, that Zook is officially on the hot seat at Illinois.

Not Baghead said...

Blowing up it is. Dr. Saturday has already linked here.

jj gator said...

Not only did moRon Zook shit the bed, he fucked the dog too.

Never mind Cheeseburger Charlie - the ZOOKER should be on the top of the college coaches hot seat list right now.

NB, I also had to laugh at how Zook didn't want to take accountability for what he let happen at UF, and was so quick to point a finger at Urban Meyer when he didn't even mention the moRon's name to begin with regarding that comment about freshman hazing. Not only is the Zooker an idiot and a loser, he's paranoid.

Save Cheeseburger Charlie and FIRERONZOOK (perhaps the real Baghead ought to revive that site as a courtesy to Illini fans who refuse to drink the kool-aid, and as a means to try and deprogram all the Zook apologists, if that's at all possible.)

malcolm said...

I am so sorry for doubting you!

Anonymous said...

zook is such a dick, at an illinois alumni event in May of 09 he gets on the podium and goes "i am proud to represent the university of fff... err illinois at this..." TRUE STORY. It is not hard to promise highschool kids that they can start right away and look like a good recruiter, happens at every bad program that gets a new coach. His recruiting classes have gone down hill every season since.

Illini fan said...

2.6 million for incompetence ? Why don't they make him mop floors or pick up towels in the locker room to earn it for the next 2 years as long as we're paying him ? You know he'd give most of it back to avoid earning his "pay"!