Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mike Bianchi proves again that he's a fucking idiot

I knew it was a matter of time before some enterprising reporter caught up with Ron Zook to see what he what he's up to nowadays. And earlier this month Mike Bianchi was that reporter. Fine. I was amused as I read the article up until I read this:

As the years have passed since he was run out of Florida, I’ve often wondered whether Zook got a fair shake — from fans, from administrators and from those of us in the media. When you see where the program is now after Urban Meyer left it in a mess, the Zook years are starting to look pretty good.

Are you fucking kidding me? Any credibility Bianchi may have had (and it couldn't be much, I haven't read the guy in years) is gone after uttering such a stupidity. How could anyone consider years in which the Gators regularly lost 5 games and the coach and team were belligerent towards the fans. Ron Zook was a walking NCAA violation the fact he never got busted notwithstanding.

Of course Bianchi brings back the old "cupboard was bare" argument about Zook's time at Florida which is absolute horseshit.

Bianchi brings up and Zook answered this way:

“That’s my legacy to the profession,” he says. “I’m the first guy who had a website. I had no chance. From the day I walked into the introductory press conference, I was fired.”

Wrong dipshit! You got fired because you're a dipshit that doesn't know how to coach. You could still be Florida coach today, all you had to do was WIN and keep the program clean. And what about Illinois? They were ecstatic when you were hired there. But you failed again because that's what you are, a failure. A failure and dipshit. Florida and Illinois made you very wealthy. You were a coach in big time college football. It ain't bean bag. I've never seen a whinier piece of garbage in my life.

Two years after Zook was axed, Meyer won the national title with 21 of 22 Zook recruits starting for the team. Zook still wonders what might have happened if he had been able to survive longer than 2½ years at UF. Would he have won a national title?

Oh please. Ron Zook was a terrible strategist and game day coach. His teams were undisciplined. That 2006 team would have lost 4 games instead of winning a BCS title.

The whole article was vomit inducing. To be a loser is one thing, to carry water for a loser is another. Bianchi, you suck.

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