Monday, November 25, 2013

Muschamp has to go

I haven't put a lot of thought into this post but I thought that it was important to come out of retirement and let readers know that I'm on the Fire Will Muschamp bandwagon.  I began the year cautiously optimistic. I was expecting a big improvement on the offensive side of the football and became immediately worried during the opener against Toldedo.

After that game I heard Muschamp talking about how he didn't want to "take 80-90 snaps on defense" and I knew we were in trouble.  This is a guy who is game planning his offense to keep the defense off the field instead of to score points.

I posted my doubts on Facebook and was accused of being "hysterical". Not in the "funny" sense of the word but in the "the sky is falling" sense of the word. Unfortunately I was right and now we've lost to an FCS school for the first time in school history. The same people saying I was being hysterical are now rightfully calling for Muschamp's head.

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