Thursday, September 26, 2002

FRZ Editor’s Notes 9/26/02

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


It was a Glorious weekend in Gator land as UF handled UT with surprising ease in Knoxville. We here at thought this might be the darkest hour for a certain coach - we just didn't expect it to be Phil Fulmer. An extra special thanks goes out to Dr. Phil for his all-out meltdown (and we thought Zook was bad). This performance was vintage Phil, circa 1994-97.

First, and foremost, there will not be a link to anytime soon as the Gainesville Sun has requested. As much as I celebrated and danced (yes, we here at still celebrate victories), it pains me to say Tennessee beat themselves this time around. There were definitely improvements in our performance, mind you....but just like the Gators handed Miami the game in Gainesville, the Vols gift-wrapped this one up for our boys. So, temper that enthusiasm before you book your BCS Bowl tickets.

"The Human Run-On Sentence" ...
We, too, would be overcome with emotion talking to Jill Arrington with the high beams on, but did anyone understand a thing Zook said? You don't get flagged 15 yards for a pregnant pause. Someone please explain this to him.

Causes for Joy ...
- 30 points in Knoxville is much better than 34 vs. Ohio in Gainesville.
- Mark Richt is a horrible coach too - so there's hope yet for capturing the SEC East.
- We didn't blow the big lead - face it, you were starting to sweat before Alex Walls chunked the extra point to keep it 24-13.
- Cory Bailey and Guss Scott.

Causes for Concern ...
- UT had the ball for 33 minutes despite 3 possessions that totaled approximately 45 seconds.
- We still have not stopped the run. The scoreboard stopped the run this week - that and a slew of botched snaps.
- The kicking game.
- What goes up must come down ... Will there be an Ohio-like letdown against Kentucky?
- How long 'til Red Anderson gets us back on probation? I implore all Gator fans to celebrate this victory.

Three more wins and we're Bowl Eligible!