Thursday, January 02, 2003

FRZ Editor's Note 1-2-2003

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


...nothing matched what Gators coach Ron Zook did to his own team." - ESPN
Well, it's official. We are not only the laughing stock of the SEC, but the nation as well. As if merely playing in Tampa wasn't bad enough, we Gator fans got just a little bit more for Christmas this year. Zook never ceases to amaze us...or the media apparently.

Driving in my car this morning I was treated to some sports radio jock telling me how idiotic Zook is...AND I WASN'T EVEN DRIVING IN FLORIDA! People all over the nation are realizing what is plainly obvious...why can't Foley see it? Besides, did it really take that long for these people to figure it out? WE ARE NOT MISS CLEO HERE, PEOPLE! It was obvious from the beginning!

Let me digress here for a minute. Hopefully you were able to see our beautiful banner flying high over the Outback Bowl on Wednesday. First I have to say that I'm so proud of our guys here at FRZ for putting that together. Hands down one of our greatest moments and one of my favorite quotes of 2002 will forever be FRZ being referred to as one of the nation's "worst kept secrets." That was classic. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to find an angry Gator fan with an airplane.

On another note (maybe because I was so excited about this whole banner thing), I had a dream the other night that Foley got fed up with our shenanigans. He fired Zook and publicly offered the job to us here at FRZ. Ridiculous. All I remember is that I was the special teams coach and we didn't lose to Ole' Miss. Oh yeah, some asshole started a site in the dream as well. People can be so mean.

After a long, long season of bumbling special teams, pathetic play calling and some of the most idiotic quotes ever by a HBC...even we at FRZ were dumbfounded by the final play. We were not surprised, however, by the two point conversion attempt in the 2nd quarter. That's standard stupidity for Zook.

Over this dreadful season, FRZ has attempted to bring you laughs in an era where Saturday football was more like a car wreck than anything else. While obviously our objective is clear (we want Zook fired, numbnutz), the only way we can keep from uncontrollable crying is to try to make light of this situation. Unfortunately, post-Holiday depression is now setting in like never before. The switch from Eggnog to Jack will be an easy one.

So what does the off-season hold for FRZ fans? Well, I can tell you we will be drinking. Heavily. But besides the alcohol there will be plenty of new information posted on these pages so be sure and stop in from time to time when your boss isn't watching over your shoulder. There will be a few contests, and by God we'll be giving out some free t-shirts here and there (the guy who created that band picture spelling out FireRonZook could have had two if he hadn't been such a pansy ass).

But all in all we're gonna have some fun, we're gonna piss off some more GatorCountry idiots, and if all goes well, we're gonna get a coach who can actually lead a team instead of killing it.

Happy New Year...let's hope Foley's resolution has something to do with a pink slip.