Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Preach on Brother.... 8-27-2003

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


I was just reading some interview with Zook about the quarterback situation going into the season on What I learned was there is no reason to panic...that Zook has not named a starting quarterback and plans on rotating quarterbacks.

However, there IS a reason to panic: He plans on rotating four quarterbacks!!!

What in the hell is he thinking? He doesn't want a kid to transfer so he is going to use four freaking quarterbacks? Someone try to defend this? I mean yes, Spurrier rotated quarterbacks and had limited success doing it. I guess it could just be a ploy. Maybe he is trying to keep secret his plan so it will be difficult to prepare for the Gators. But here is my point, you have two pocket passers and two scramblers. So how hard is it to prepare for that?

What makes me angry is his reason that the competition was stiff. Sure that's okay but there must be some way of determining who has played better. I mean come on? Read Gatorbait. They'll tell you. For Christ sake what has your quarterbacks coach been doing for the last year? And wasn't our fabulous offensive coordinator part of the staff that red shirted Chad Pennington for a year to play Eric Kresser. I mean that must have been a close competition? How did they make the decision then? This is what drives me crazy about these guys. We all know they are full of it.

The real reason is they don't want to lose any of the kids. Ron, let me break this to you: believe it or not you are the head football coach at a major division I football program. YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE KIDS!!! And you should lose kids if you are doing your job. Which by last year's record, your not doing it well! I mean Spurrier lost several players such as Sabelhaus, Hambrick and Berlin. Why? Because he had to do what was best for the Florida football team as a whole so he made some tough decisions and let some kids transfer. I can say this: I bet Midget or Leak will eventually transfer unless one makes it clear his intention to leave early. Do I blame them? No. Why would they both stay?

I personally think you are always better off having a clear depth chart at quarterback. Sure it can change during the season but how are we going to practice all year like this? How are our receivers going to establish timing with four quarterbacks... or our running backs... and our tight ends for that matter? I mean wasn't Zook's excuse last year that the offensive system was so complicated it took time to learn and adjust too? Now he's doing this? See what I mean when I say this guy is full of it?!?!

Man, Foley, what will it take to get rid of this guy? I know you want to give your buddy three years of substandard football before you have to get rid of his ass. But ask yourself is it worth it? Why are you attaching yourself to him? What is the benchmark to keep Zook? How many losses until we can hire Mike Mularkey? Why don't reporters ever ask him that? People say this site would have been created no matter who replaced Spurrier. Well, those people are wrong. This site's sole purpose was to get rid of Ron Zook. He is not capable of making decisions necessary to run a highly competitive division one program , let alone a football power like Florida. I can make a prediction about this website's popularity, it is going to go through the roof this year. The ways to defend Zook are simply running out and hopefully we can run him out of town, AGAIN!

Please buy a shirt if you can afford it, please send Foley an email letting him know that you can not and will not accept this type of leadership from your football coach. We need a real coach. 8-5 and unranked in the AP poll does not cut it!!!!!!

Mike NYC