Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Preach on Brother.... 9-23-2003

Since fireronzook.com has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


It must have been around 3 pm Sunday and I was heading to my gate in Orlando to catch a flight back to NYC when I heard, "Go Vols!" I was wearing a long sleeve Florida shirt I just bought. I looked up and there are two Tennessee fans with smiles on their faces. I just couldn't respond after all the jabs I took the day before at Florida Field. I call it Florida Field now because I don't think "The Swamp" is "The Swamp" anymore. I had nothing left in the tank. So, I just hung my head and sighed with hurtful defeat. The curly haired vol dude felt sorry for me and said "ohh c'mon, I had to say something, y'all beat us every year." And I simply said, "Not anymore, Not with Zook" and he replied "I guess you're right" and I kept walking and he
kept "F"-ing smiling.

Two tickets from NYC, two primo seats, a room at the Hilton all to get waxed by a poor Vols team. Man this sucks! I mean I remember when Breakfast with the Gators was the highlight of my weekend, because I would always want to see how we scored on this play, or how our guy got the quarterback so quick, or see the plays I was to drunk or excited to remember. Now it is a painful show, it's like watching 6 hours of Tina Turner videos. It's a train wreck. I am not as good at writing these things anymore and I am sorry for that, but I really do bleed orange and blue, and this wears on me so much. I am exhausted, simply exhausted, and for a change it is not from partying all weekend. It's from the disgust, dread and now hatred for Ron Zook and his lies. I hate his coaching staff except for Charlie Strong, although Strong is no savior. Yes, he has the defense playing better but he is not aggressive enough for me, I mean 2nd and 19 he sits back and lets them pick us apart, after the blitz was destroying that no talent Casey Clausen. Not to mention rushing 3...did you see the Colorado-Michigan game when Kordell Stewart threw that Hail Mary to Michael Westbrook? ...How did it work? Michigan rushed three and Colorado blocked with 6, Kordell had 10 minutes to throw...just like worthless Clausen.

I admit I care way too much about college football. I love UF, and I can't help it. I didn't leave early. I sat there and listened to that stupid song those toothless hillbillies played over and over. I sat there thinking how this happened so fast. How did we lose the luster of The Swamp in a year? How do we waste so much talent, I kept looking down at Zook running around the sideline screaming like a....like a SPECIAL TEAMS COACH and I once again knew that this sight was justified in everything we ever said. No one can argue it anymore. NO ONE. We looked like Tennessee out there; Florida was running Tennessee's offense with those stupid screens to the wide out for 3 yards every other play. It was the Gaffney touchdown game. I remember I was in a bar in Phoenix and I was with a couple of guys who really didn't root for Florida or Tennessee. One guy was saying this and that in the first quarter about Tennessee moving the ball. I said "you don't beat UF with field goals" and I was right. I was sitting there
thinking maybe Zook is playing Oakland Raider football, trying to suck in their safeties to stop the run and then he'll get him deep. But I was wrong, he is a clueless special teams coach. It's like letting a kindergarten kid try to drive the bus to school ... I mean sure he's been on a bus and seen how it runs and stuff but the kid just doesn't have the capacity to drive it. That's just like Zook, he can't do it. It's obvious! Look at him during a game. No other head coach does what Zook does. He has no control of the sideline. We got a flag for that Saturday! He has no ability to manage a clock and he calls plays like he is reaching into a grab bag and just doing
whatever play he pulls out, no matter what the situation.

I applaud the fans at Florida Field Saturday. It was hot as hell and they kept cheering, kept trying to spark the team but nothing could help a team caged in by a buffoon offensive coordinator and a clown head coach who is ultimately responsible for his assistants. The defense was on the field for hours, the QB rotation, the running back rotation, the receiver rotation is a total joke and everyone knew it. I looked at the offensive huddle during a TV timeout on the sideline; there must have been 20 guys in it. WHY? Do we get extra points for player participation? Zook here is some advice, MAKE A DECISION! Keep the players who perform the best on the field!

Martin finally drives us down the field and Zook rewards Tennessee by taking him out!!! WHY? I guess we wanted the hot hand out of the game? I hate to be the one to let the Florida coaches in on a little secret, we run the exact same plays with Ingle Martin and Chris Leak. So defenses prepare the exact same way for both. How different is Martin throwing a wide receiver screen opposed to Leak throwing a wide receiver screen?

Why after every Ben Troupe catch does he get up and run immediately off the field? IS HE TOO GOOD??? I saw him stay on once! He was running to the sideline and they waved him back into the huddle. You know how people blast Dave Wannstedtt for not giving the ball to their best player (Ricky Williams). Why don't people blast Zook for how he handles Ben Troupe?

I really can't see us beating too many SEC teams. I am scared of Kentucky. SCARED OF KENTUCKY!!!!!!! IN FOOTBALL GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

I have this sick feeling in my stomach like I drank two pots of coffee. It's a mixture of nerves and dread. It's fear that the fans and alumni are not putting enough pressure on the University to get rid of Zook. I am tempted to shut down the message board, so the only venting people can do is on the GatorZone site, so they can track the disgust people have. Because here is what my friend pointed out to me at the game. Zook after this season will be fired or given an extension. That's right, EXTENSION! Because you cannot recruit with a one year contract. So what is Foley going to do with his friend? Any miracle win over Georgia or LSU or FSU will give him reason to extend the contract.

We as Gator fans cannot let this happen. I urge all of you to write letters/emails to Foley and every newspaper you can. Put a little message that you support FireRonZook.com and tell him what you think. If you can afford it please buy a t-shirt and wear it. Put a bumper sticker on you car. Because Zook already destroyed The Swamp, what's next?

I promise you FireRonZook.com has some new plans to make it clear that we cannot accept mediocrity! And you'll see more of us.

I want a return of glory that was stolen from us by Ron Zook. I want it back, because I want to do the taunting in the airport, I want to get excited about football again, and most of all I want to see us throw a bomb before I die!!!!!!