Monday, September 08, 2003

Preach on Brother.... 9-8-2003

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


The game was a debacle…. probably the worse loss in Gator history, I mean at least Nebraska didn't tease us like this. I mean where do I start? If you were me what would you say first?

What the hell were they thinking?
Where was the blitz in the second half?
Why was Dickey put in?
How is Zook going to explain this?
How long do we have to endure this?
When will enough be enough?
Who ever thought Zook would have a worse performance then the Choke at Doak?
How many times in a row did we run the same play?
The final drive, was it me or did we run the same play over and over while running out the clock on ourselves?

I mean anyone could see that the Gators were losing momentum and giving Berlin a free pass to pick us apart. Crowder was a beast the first half, when he was blitzing, Berlin was awful and looked confused and scared back there. So why in the hell would you let him off the hook and play a passive zone? Maybe the first drive in the second half it made some sense, but after he shredded us, you would think we would go back to our original plan of blitzing and pulling back?

Why was Gavin Dickey brought in? How did that make sense? In that situation? What did Leak do wrong? Anything? Did he play too well? I mean that second half made me sick and what's worse is we all knew it was going to happen. My friend said, "I am sorry you're going to lose, it's your Giant/49ers game" and I responded "this is textbook how you let a team back into a game." ..that was during that first Miami drive of the second half. You could see the passive zone and the confidence it gave Berlin. I mean it makes me sick thinking about it. I am so angry. Miami and their stupid bandwagon fans, many of which left at half time, none of which have a degree from Miami. Those Miami fans can go back to work cleaning toilets and have their fun, but the bottom lines is your team is over-rated and you will not leave Virginia Tech with a win, or Pittsburgh.

I wish Zook would have admitted he totally F-ed up the game, but no he has to put some idiotic spin on the game that we learned a lot from this game. Give me a break! I mean maybe some more people learned that Zook should be fired but that was it. Only if Jeremy Foley could learn that Ron Zook is not a big game coach. Then my life and the lives of Gator fans everywhere would be a lot easier.

I really don't even want to talk about this anymore.

That was the worst half of coaching I have ever seen…nobody can defend that! Nobody!

Mike NYC

P.S. I heard we got bashed from the announcers of the Alabama vs. Oklahoma game. I am watching a tape of the game and will respond to those clowns in a couple of days!