Friday, January 02, 2004

Preach on Brother.... 1-2-2004

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


I see the website is packed again. I also heard Mark May and Trev Alberts are back on the "Zook is an idiot" bandwagon. Just remember, we started this site a day after Zook was hired. We knew all along that his hiring was a mistake. People say the expectations were ridiculous at Florida? Why? I personally knew that if we got a good coach we would be at the same level or a notch below spurrier. Now when we hired Zook, who FAILED at Florida, I knew we were going to be worse then the natural expectations of a Florida team. Remember the media ranked us in the Top 10 prior to the season last year and in the Top 25 this year prior to the season. That was not the Florida fans' expectations, that was the media's and the coaches' expectations. Now we have gone 16-10 in two years with incredible athletes, such as Rex Grossman, Andra Davis, Mike Natiel, Taylor Jacobs, Ratliff, Scott, Snell, Perez, etc…this is a joke!

16-10…and look at our wins…2 Kentucky, 2 Vandy, 2 South Carolina, 1 San Jose State, 1 FAMU, 1 Citadel…this is a joke!

Our in state rivals have beat us twice each. Unacceptable!!!! Ole miss beat us twice!!! The Big Slow Ten beat us twice. We have clearly been out coached, we have clearly lost our swagger, and we clearly have lost the home field advantage that Spurrier had gained.

Why is 8-5 a good season…it has been two years now, please don't make it a third trip to the "F"ing Embarrassment Bowl (Outback).

Iowa destroyed Florida using one defense. One!!! It is clear to me we have no ability to make adjustments on offense or defense. And if we do it is only for one series and then we go back to our terrible game plans. We abandon the run in the first quarter, after a play action pass worked for a 70-yard touchdown…why would you abandon the run??? Wouldn't it make sense to run some more and try another play action pass???

No, I guess going right to the shotgun and avoiding Ben Troupe all day makes way more sense. WHY NOT THROW IT TO TROUPE??? Did he have too good of year? Was Zook trying to improve Small's draft position? I can't believe that there are any supporters of Zook anymore. How many Gator fans turned off that game early? 60%? 70%? GET USED TO IT! IF WE EVER PLAY ON NEW YEARS DAY AGAIN YOU'LL BE TURNING ALL OF OUR BOWL GAMES OFF EARLY!!!

I refused to change the channel. I had to watch … I had to see … I kept asking myself, "Why did Foley ever hang up the phone with Spurrier?" They said during the game that Spurrier called Foley to say he was taking a break from coaching. In hearing this, the proper response would have been to start crying and whimpering like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. He should have said, "I'll send you cash to save us!!! How much, five, six million?? I'll send you a check for the first three years today!!!"


If he says no - fine, he gave us the best decade in Gator history. Then replace him with a head coach, not a horrible special teams coach who hired his idiot golfing buddy to be offensive coordinator...which was also described during the broadcast. Call the Iowa coach today! Get him a contract.

Get us a real coach, not a poor man's Mack Brown!!! Because that's what we have.


It's pathetic!

I can't do it; I can't do one more year.

Two years of terrible special teams, horrible offense, and defense steadily declining has made me (and I am sure every other Gator fan) sick!!!



A disgusted and embarrassed Mike from NYC

P.S. - Foley please shut this site down, you can do it, just fire Zook…just do it…for the fans, the alumni and most of all the players…and we will be gone!