Thursday, July 22, 2004

Preach on Brother.... 7-22-2004

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


The off-season…Jesus!!!…is there any discipline in the Zook regime whatsoever?!

One of my proudest moments at Florida was when Spurrier threw off Darren Hambrick (an All-SEC linebacker) for fighting a stupid walk-on the night before the Sugar Bowl. This cost us Darren and his brother, a prize recruit named Troy Hambrick. But I knew we had a guy in charge, a guy who wasn’t going to take shit from a 20 year old. Hambrick transferred to South Carolina and went on to the NFL, his brother Troy went there too and is a Raider after Bill Parcels got sick of his shit.

Zook is not an acceptable head football coach, we told you so the day after he was hired. We told you he would lose control with all the Jucos he accepted into the program. He has. It’s not just losing on the field and going 8-5 every year. It’s reading the Sun Sentinel and the Gainesville police report that hurts Gator fans. I mean it’s starting to look like a Bowden regime with all these incidents. What do you expect with Jucos being the leaders on the team. Why didn’t they get accepted into a real school right away? Simple, they weren’t smart enough.

I do believe this will help our cause. The more Zook loses control the more his on the field losses look worse. Although there is nothing worse then being drubbed by Iowa or the bonehead play call to end the Grossman era. Eventually Foley has to see the light that any Gator fan I know sees. Zook has got to go. He has no control of the sideline during games and he has no control of his players after games.

Remember when football was fun?

No offense to Fason but WHY WOULDN'T I WANT THIS KIND OF TEAM?

Fason, expected to carry a bulk of the offense this fall, even grew to feel almost sorry for his coach.

"The last two years, we had a lot of players who didn't want to play for Coach Zook because they were so used to Coach Spurrier, such as the seniors and juniors that played the last two years," Fason said. "A lot of people didn't want to play for him because they were so used to that system. They wanted to run deep routes every play -- high-octane offense and stuff. The defense wanted to blitz every time.

There is our master motivator!!!

There is the fun and gun being reduced to Wisconsin/Alabama football!!!!

I have no excitement about the upcoming season. I have fear and dread. We will run Fason to death and bore the Swamp to tears.

I used to be so excited every summer about the season. Now all I worry about is who I am betting on, and how Zook will make me write another one of these damn sermons. I also wonder what the delay is in firing this idiot. We already missed out on Mike Stoops and Mike Mularkey. Go to the Sporting News website and read what the Bills players are saying about Mularkey…this guy wanted the job! I can’t even talk about Gruden it hurts too much.

8-5 two years in a row…8-5???

Where were you in 1995? Could you even imagine a Gator team going 8-5???
Neither could I. I mean how could it home field in college football, best school, fantastic facilities, a campus that is amazing, and a fun town with great weather. How could you screw that up? There is only one way. A horrible head coach, and that is what we did.

When is midnight madness? Can we beat Kentucky this year? This program is going down the toilet on and off the field. Please write the athletic department and please if you can afford it buy a t-shirt and wear it in Gainesville or to Gator Club events if you are out of town.

What’s our preseason rank? I saw 10th, I saw 15th, I saw 16th and I think I saw 11th. What do you think the odds are that we will be ranked that high at the end of the season? 100-1? So far in the Zook era we have finished way below our preseason ranking in the final polls, if we were in the final polls. But we have a great strength program as my friend Ed pointed out, one of our players threw a half keg in a bar fight!!!

Can some one give me any reason to keep Ron Zook?

We used to hope for an SEC championship and a National Championship. Now what do we hope for? I guess I hope for a Thunderstorm against Tennessee, because it is our only hope of not being out coached by Phillip Fulmer!!!! I never thought that was possible.

I am so sick of this.

What does this guy have to do to get fired?

I guess lose to Vandy, Kentucky or South Carolina

Where am I going to find the strength to watch this crap for another year?

Where is any real Gator fan going to get the strength?

Mike NYC

P.S. We also told you that he would be fired in 3 years…lets all pray we were right about that too!!!