Thursday, October 07, 2004

Preach on Brother.... 10-07-2004

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


I am sorry it took so long for me to write this but I had the "pleasure" of watching the Gators live this week. I will be honest, I can't stand writing these sermons anymore because in order to write this I have to think and analyze each game instead of just moving on and praying for a miracle to save me from the Zook nightmare. I know people will say "Hey, we won and a win's a win". But I don't believe that one bit. Next thing you'll tell me is Ron Zook is still lying about how we are improving every week. Oh yeah, he still is saying that. That is the biggest lie in the Zook era. Watch the Tennessee game and then watch the Kentucky and Arkansas game and tell me how we improved? Next thing you tell me Zook is a great motivator. Oh yeah, people say that crap too. Have you ever seen a flatter Gator team then the one in the first half against Kentucky or in the second half of the Arkansas game?

To me a bad win, is a bad win. The last three Kentucky games told us a lot about Ron Zook and his coaching abilities. I want to thank Crowder for making that play and saving me from a heart attack. This is a coaching staff that has no idea how to put a game away, NONE! This is a coaching staff that runs moronic shotgun draws and bubble screens as fans in the Swamp call them out before the play. There is no ingenuity to our offense or defense. There is no play calling flow to our offense or defense. Can Ron Zook define the word "adjustment"? He sure as hell doesn't make any. How is it a good idea to run shotgun draws and bubble screens to run out a clock? Why not lineup in an I-formation or a double tight end set and give it to Fason or Wynn? Instead we have added a new favorite play, the play action fullback screen. This is another Big Ten play that simply doesn't work in the SEC because of team speed. I am so sick of this. I really am. I have no idea how I am going to make it through this season.

I do want to thank this gentleman I saw in a shirt outside the Swamp on Saturday, It really helps motivate me to write these sermons if I know that people are getting the message and supporting the cause. The more shirts they see at the Swamp the closer we are to moving on with our beloved program (please understand I don't make any money off these, they pay to keep the site up and for banners over the Outback Bowl, and if you can't afford a shirt please don't buy one, make a sign or something). But I have to admit I loved seeing that shirt. Because it is a drain to picture that second half, to see the Swamp empty in parts of the student section hurt too. You see the students and athletes at Florida are being robbed of a great program. An 8-5 record does that to you. This has to be the end. It just has to!

This week could help prove that point although I doubt LSU has the quarterback or the running game to win in the Swamp this year. I mean they should have lost to freaking Oregon State for the love of God, a Pac-10 team!!! And Georgia just buried their ass. But what scares me is they hung with Auburn. Saben can coach. There is no doubt about that. I am sure we will have every chance to play a soft zone to let LSU back into the game. Or maybe we'll run 10 bubble screens against them. I remember watching Tennessee try that crap in the Swamp. I just laughed and said "why would you ever throw sideways against a SEC team, they are way too fast for that" and now it's a bread and butter play. I am wondering if this is the trap game I fear it could be. LSU has revenge on their mind, coming off a humiliating loss, in a place were they took down the Swamp mystique by crushing us two years ago. But I just don't think they replaced Mauck and their run offense is so bad. I can't see us losing this game. But I also get scared to say such things under Zook. I get so angry thinking about this hire. They had to make the coach promise to throw the ball, what kind of coach is forced to make a promise like that? Simple. A bad one with no track record, and no qualifications for the job. Jon Gruden would have said "F" you to that promise, so would Mike Mularky or Bob Stoops or Mike Shanahan.

We had to make him promise to throw the ball!!!!! Right there you know he had no idea what he was doing.

I lost my train of thought, but here are some random points:

I think we ran our first flag route in the Zook tenure against Arkansas in the first half. That was an accomplishment. I mean I was so excited to see a flag route.

I would also like to point out the great job our offensive line has been doing. And McDonald on our defensive line is a total stud. He is tough as hell and fast, really fast.

We still have an offensive sideline huddle of at least 23 players?

We play not to lose. And definitely not to win.

We put our players in a position to choke, and we put other teams in a position to win by playing tentative read and react football. We dictate nothing to our opponents, even the less talented opponents.

We are not improving at all.

Ron Zook is such a baffoon he forgot to tell Chris Leak he won SEC Offensive player of the Week, I don't even have to point out how stupid that is.

It is hard to watch a Zook team without screaming the phrases "What the F are you doing�" or "What the F was that!!!"


Fire Ron Zook right now!

Mike NYC

P.S. We as Alumni and Fans have to step up and write Jeremy Foley a letter and tell him it is time to act!!! We as a group have to unite and fire Ron Zook by applying unrelenting pressure. They aren't going to do it. So we have to force them to do it!!!!

Call...write...bring signs to the game...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! 8-5 is a good season at Duke!!! Not at FLORIDA!!!!