Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Preach on Brother.... 10-27-2004

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


The following sermon was started immediately after the Mississippi State game, and continues on to the greatest day for Florida Football in the last 3 years....

Well what can I possibly write that everybody doesn't already know?

We suck. It's official. All those recruits, all that talent and we couldn't beat a team that lost AT HOME TO MAINE.

How embarrassing do things have to get around here before Foley fires this guy? Now the ridiculous "patience" argument is gone for the moronic Zook apologists. No matter how patient you are, if you cannot beat Mississippi State with our talent then you should be fired IMMEDIATELY!!!

Here was my phone conversation:

Hey Roy what's the score?

- What do you mean? didn't watch the game?!

No I was in a field drinking all day at The Hunt.

- Stay in that field

What do you mean? Don't lie to me Roy. I saw Joel called so I know we played like shit, but what was the final?

- Do not turn on a TV, just keep drinking and I'll call you when Ron Zook is fired.

What was the score ROY?!?

- We lost, 38-31 in identical fashion to the LSU game, but their running back went like 35 yards for a score.

You're lying, Roy! How is that possible? It's not possible!!! How could they stop us? It doesn't make any sense. Let me call Joel because I don't believe a word you're saying.

- Mike, hang up the phone and keep drinking. Don't leave that field.

I hung up and called Joel and all he could do was laugh (He likes Florida, but he's not a Florida fan). He couldn't stop laughing and telling me how he found out. He lives in San Diego and he didn't watch the game. He couldn't get through a sentence without laughing. I am so sick of people laughing at us!

Arent you?

I mean the talent-less FSU team, Michigan, Ole Miss (twice!), Iowa, Tennessee, LSU and now this! I still don't know how it's possible. And I still don't know how it is acceptable!!!

Why does Zook have a job?

How are embarrassing losses just overlooked?

I read in the USA Today if Zook beats Georgia and FSU he could save his job. Why? What's the point of beating Georgia and FSU if you can't beat F'ing Mississippi State or Ole Miss?

Not to mention how the hell are we going to beat either of those team when we can't beat Mississippi State!!!

To me, it was over with Zook threatening students at their residence. That is insane!!! Can you imagine a head football coach coming to your dorm and threating you? And all your friends!!! That's what happened at the Pi Kappa Phi house. We heard rumors that will probably come out that it was worse then what they reported.

It is 10:06 am and Roy just called to let me know that Gator Country said Ron Zook will be let go at the end of the season. Then my boss came in and said ESPN radio reported it. My buddy, Kev, called and heard it on ESPN Radio and then a couple of bar owners in Atlanta called and let me know it was on ESPN.




But now it's time to move on - we've heard Spurrier's name thrown into the mix (I doubt that but it would be great). Meyer - I would love that. Tedford fine with us. Stoops (I doubt he would walk away from what he has) and Petrino (he's a great coach).

I love all these candidates.

I am going to buy a Mississippi State sweatshirt today to celebrate. Thank you Sylvester Croom and thank you Mississippi State for pointing out something that was so obvious to us the day Zook was hired. I cannot thank Sylvester Croom enough. It is great to see him get a chance at Mississippi State.

Ron Zook was never qualified to be Head Coach at the University of Florida.


We have been harangued in the press, we have been called cowards, BUT NOW THEY CAN CALL US RIGHT!!!

It was never about Spurrier or his legend being replaced. It was about Ron Zook not being qualified to do the job!!!! It was about a guy who was demoted and then run out of town being given the head coaching reigns with no qualifications whatsoever!!!

We were right!!!!


I wish Zook all the luck in the world, wherever he winds up. It was never personal. It was all business. We knew he could not be the head coach at Florida based on his work at New Orleans, Florida and Ohio State. We knew there were plenty of coaches who could come into Florida and do a great job and we simply rushed to get a replacement as fast as we could instead of making sure we got the right guy. We must now get the right guy!

So three years have been wasted, when we said it since day one.

I am not as excited as I could or should be because I am bitter at what could have been. But I am happier then when I started this sermon.

I want to thank the people who supported us. I want to thank the people who sent us emails with kind words, or questions, it really kept us going when it would have been easier to just not write anything.

There were a lot of guys who helped out with the site. They researched facts, they gave us ideas and they edited my horrible spelling. Thanks so much to those guys.

I think we proved most of all that fans do not have to sit there and take it. They have a voice even if they aren't a mega booster. We will be the first to support our new coach if they hire from the list we are hearing about. They are all great football coaches and would be great at the best university in the world.

I am starting to get excited again. I am thinking about the Swamp being the Swamp again, getting the swagger back. Being excited to watch our offense and defense.
Next Season will be great. Next summer will be even better. The anticipation will be amazing! I might cry tears of joy at next seasons opening kickoff!!!

To have hope back!




Thank you Gators and fans and supporters of the site!!! I think I have gotten seven calls so far.

We Won. We got our GATORS BACK!!!!


Mike NYC

P.S. We will try to stay up for the rest of the season and we were talking about a one-year victory tour so people could just come here and talk football, but we'll see. It's a lot of work.

I know we will have some new shirts up as soon as we can.

Thanks Again. Drink a celebratory beer for me!!!

Ding-dong the witch is dead!!!! The wicked witch is dead!!!