Friday, December 03, 2004

Preach on Brother.... 12-3-2004

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


The last sermon. Thank God!

First of all, thank you Zook for beating the criminoles. A great way to go out, and good luck at Illinois. I want to say today is a great day to be a Gator. According to ESPN Urban Myer has snubbed Notre Dame for Florida. An intelligent choice. Why try to recruit Florida speed from South Bend, Indiana when you can recruit it from Gainesville, Florida? Notre Dame is a great school don't get me wrong, but they are a thing of the past when it comes to being a football power.

Ty Willingham is a good coach, but the fans and alumni at Notre Dame are getting the itch for the glory days, and it is just more difficult to create them. The fact is, everyone is on national television now, everyone has a chance to play for the National Title or win the Heisman now if they perform and schedule properly. You used to have a much bigger advantage at Notre Dame. But I'm sorry, now you have a much bigger advantage being a major power in Florida, California and Texas (or near Texas in the case of Oklahoma and LSU) because those three states have all the speed. So good luck to whoever replaces Willingham.

The thing I like best about Urban Meyer is his attitude. He has the attitude of a winner. He is cocky and brash, he does not hedge his expectations, which reminds me of Spurrier and Stoops. He said he would crush some traditionally powerful teams with Utah. You don't hear that everyday. This guy said the goal was a BCS game weeks ago.

People have asked me is he my first choice. To be honest, no, I wanted Mike Stoops three years ago after Bobby Stoops and Shanahan turned down the job. I was also high on Mike Mularkey. I will not lie, but they were both in new jobs and were not moving. The candidates this year were all very qualified coaches. All real good coaches, but to me Meyer was the best choice. I did not want Butch Davis, he's a Cane to me, and I don't want a Cane. I liked Petrino but his defenses leave a lot to be desired. Urban Meyer's defense is very underrated. Dan Hawkins had too big a level to jump from Boise State to Florida. That was too risky for me. I never thought Booby Stoops would leave his current situation. Adrian Peterson is way too hard to walk away from. Plus he has a 6'5" quarter back waiting to take over for white, a fleet of receivers and tons of top defensive players. Why leave Oklahoma?

So to me Meyer was a great choice. He can recruit and UF will only help him recruit better. He had 2 of the top 100 players visit Utah, that's amazing. He has a very exciting offense that will bring life back to the swamp. I like how he makes in game adjustments and changes. He also has a knack for calling the right play at the right time. That is something that is very hard to find in a coach. I think he will have no problem adjusting his system to Florida's talent. He has done very well with Josh Harris and Alex Smith so I think Chris Leak will be in a great situation and I would expect him to improve a lot this off-season. Football we be fun again for Gator fans!

This is a great hire because Meyer has experience winning as a head coach at two schools. I think Urban Meyer will do a great job at Florida. I have watched 3 Utah games this season and I am very excited. I think I will be ready for football again next summer will be like the good old days.

I think Illinois will be a great fit for Ron Zook too, and I wish him the best. If you can't beat Mississippi State what good is it winning at FSU? For those of you who thought we were going to get our hands on another site, we were we were going to buy the domain name and never use it. We have supported UF in every game they have played no matter what anyone says about us. We told everyone what would happen to UF's football program and it did. We knew it was a poor hire. We hoped we were wrong, but we just knew we were right.

Urban Meyer is a winning head coach. He will coach in a BCS bowl at Utah. That's amazing.

I welcome him as UF's new head coach. I think he will have a ton of success at UF and bring us back to where we should be, among the elite.

Mike NYC

P.S. This will be my last sermon, thank you to all the site supporters, I will continue you to see a bunch of you at the Gin Mill. Go Gators!!!