Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back to Reality

Illinois is bowl eligible. Woopee! Enjoy it. Already some Zookheads have dropped by claiming that this is proof that Zook is a better coach than Urban Meyer. After all the Illini have already clinched bowl eligibility while the Gators are still one win away. What those geniuses won't tell you is that the Gators have played one less game to date.

The next argument is that Meyer can't win without Zook's players. Check yourselves Illini fans. Meyer didn't need "Zook's players" when he rebuilt two programs from scratch at Bowling Green and Utah. And anyone who knows a damned thing about the Gators knows entering the season the Gators only had 21 upperclassmen on scholarship. That junior and senior class should be chock full of "Zook's players", but where are they? Oh they must have washed out because of academics, discipline problems or because they just couldn't play. Either way it's more of an indictment on Zook than Meyer.

Lastly, remember that water always seeks its own level. Urban Meyer has a career record of 66-15 (.815) while Zook has a record of 33-36 (.478). While the records are similar this year, my bet is that in the long term past performance will be the best indicator of future performance.

So enjoy your trip to the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. That's what differentiates the programs. You guys will be ecstatic to be there, while Florida expects much greater things.


Anonymous said...

Haha so Meyer is so great because of last year but now that they are not doing so great it is Zook's fault? Grow up

not baghead said...

Idiot, they must not have taught you to read at Illinoise. Meyer is great because he's had sustained success in 6+ years of coaching. Zook is mediocre because he's had sustained mediocrity for 5+ years of coaching. And if you give credit to Zook for recruiting last year's championship team then how could you not give him the blame for this year's lackluster team. Where are the juniors and seniors Zook recruited. Poof. They vanished.

Oh, by the way. Piss off.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA Learn to spell dumbass.

Also, every program Meyer has coached at before Flordia he was at for two years, just enough to win with other coaches players and then leave the team to fend for themselves with the players he recruited. Sure sounds like an excellent coach to me.

Also you choose to post here on a public forum, so I will continue to post here as well.

not baghead said...

Illinoise is how your dumbass coach pronounced the name of your school at the press conference when he was hired, dumbass. Look it up.

Only an idiot would suggest that the man can't recruit or find players for himself. Who would rather play for, an excitable meathead like Zook who has never won a thing or a guy who has been a winner everywhere he's gone. For Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and others the answer was Urban Meyer. Check the recruiting rankings for the last two years.

Urban Meyer isn't the first coach to leave players he recruited to advance his career and he won't be the last. Do you honestly think that Zook would not take an opportunity to coach USC or Ohio State or Florida State or Penn State if he had the chance? He won't get any of those jobs because he's a loser but you get the picture.

And you will post here as long as I allow you to. Not a moment longer.

Anonymous said...

you really are a pathetic fuck.

you should find another more productive hobby.

maybe something like hypoxyphilia.

not baghead said...

That's quite alright, I enjoy this hobby just fine. Getting a rise out of assholes like you is extremely satisfying. Go drink your Kool-Aid you brainwashed dolt.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that you enjoy it was also the point of you also being pathetic.

not baghead said...

Sticks and stones, jerkoff. Who is more pathetic, the man with a bag on his head or the one who feels the the need to argue with the man with the bag on his head?