Friday, October 26, 2007

Illiniboard Predictions

Was just checking out the predictions for the Illini's Ball State game over at They range from one brave soul who predicts a Ball State upset 28-27 to the guy who predicts a 59-10 romp for the Illini.

I took an average of the 22 predictions I saw and the consensus is 36-21, Illinois.

They are predicting Illinois to score 10 more points than their average and Ball State to score 13 less than their average.

On the flip side they are predicting Illinois to score 10 points more than Ball State usually allows and for Ball State to score about a point and a half more than Illinois usually allows.

We'll see whether these poor man's Nostradamuses are right. I'm guessing that this will be a close game somewhere in the low 30s.


Anonymous said...

Those ranked SEC teams are really good hahahahaha

not baghead said...

Hey fuckwad, win something before you open your piehole.

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a potty mouth. Can't handle losing to Georgia? At least your strength of schedule improved!

Anonymous said...

"we are paying Urban that much to pull a zook what a bunch of zook "

HAHA Urban Meyer is such a great coach without Zook's players.

Which team is Bowl Eligible? Oh yeah thats right Illinois!!! Not Flordia.

Fuck the SEC, Fuck Tim Tebow, Fuck Flordia, and most of all FUCK YOU!

not baghead said...

Hey asshole if your coach is so fucking great what are you doing here defending him. You are bowl eligible because you have played one more game. What an idiot. And let me ask you something, why is it that there are only 21 upper classmen on the UF team. These would be Zook's players too, except they washed out of the program. Kiss my ass. I hope we get you guys in a Bowl game.

Anonymous said...

I do too so Zook can beat you arragoant assholes and J Leman can rip Tim Tebows head off. You guys should try beating ranked teams, its something we have been able to do here, I'm sure the amazing Urban Meyer can do it too.

I'm not defending Zook I'm just insulting your piece of shit self who can't let go of something that lead your team to a national championship. Your the asshole.

Not Baghead said...

Dickwad, it doesn't matter where they are ranked when you play them. It matters where they are ranked at the end of the year. Who have you beaten? Wisconsin? ROFL.


No. Get it through your goddamned heads, Zook can't coach.

Anonymous said...

When Zook beats Urban in a bowl game what will you say then you piece of shit?

not baghead said...

I'll say that you are an asshole and Zook still can't coach. Happy?

Why do you care so much what I think?