Sunday, October 21, 2007

The hallmark of a losing program

If you ever wanted to see thinking the pervades in the minds of the fans of a losing program, then you must read this thread at Illiniboard. The overwhelming sentiment is that even though Illinois has lost two very winnable games, they are "ahead of schedule". If you had high expectations this season "it's your problem." Many are "happy to be 5-3" despite the fact that the team probably has the talent to win the Big 10 in a year that traditional powers aren't that good. Michigan is down and OSU is untested to date. The Big 10 championship was there for taking but Zook declined it by accepting a penalty he shouldn't have and by playing musical chairs with his quarterbacks.

I still don't understand the psychology of a loser. They call their own fans and alums "front runners" for wanting their team to win winnable games.

The beautiful thing is that I get to live all of this again, but only vicariously this time. It's a lot sweeter to see this tragedy befall someone else. It's like finally dumping that lousy cheating wife and watching the next guy fall into the trap. If that guy is a jerk, even better. And Illinois fans are for the most part jerks. Kool-aid drinking jerks.

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Anonymous said...

How are Illinois fans jerks?