Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lessons from the past

I was just perusing some of the old content at the original web site. The reason is that just like the bible you can always find something there that seems to suit the present situation. History repeats itself, you see. Anyway, a regular feature of FRZ was the sermons given by "Mike in NYC". Here's a few excerpts from a sermon after a home loss to Tennessee back in 2003. Let's see if you notice some eerie similarities:

How do we waste so much talent, I kept looking down at Zook running around the sideline screaming like a SPECIAL TEAMS COACH and I once again knew that this sight was justified in everything we ever said.

It's like letting a kindergarten kid try to drive the bus to school ... I mean sure he's been on a bus and seen how it runs and stuff but the kid just doesn't have the capacity to drive it. That's just like Zook, he can't do it. It's obvious! Look at him during a game. No other head coach does what Zook does. He has no control of the sideline. We got a flag for that Saturday! He has no ability to manage a clock and he calls plays like he is reaching into a grab bag and just doing whatever play he pulls out, no matter what the situation.

I applaud the fans at Florida Field Saturday. It was hot as hell and they kept cheering, kept trying to spark the team but nothing could help a team caged in by a buffoon offensive coordinator and a clown head coach who is ultimately responsible for his assistants. The defense was on the field for hours, the QB rotation, the running back rotation, the receiver rotation is a total joke and everyone knew it. I looked at the offensive huddle during a TV timeout on the sideline; there must have been 20 guys in it. WHY? Do we get extra points for player participation? Zook here is some advice, MAKE A DECISION! Keep the players who perform the best on the field!

Martin finally drives us down the field and Zook rewards Tennessee by taking him out!!! WHY? I guess we wanted the hot hand out of the game? I hate to be the one to let the Florida coaches in on a little secret, we run the exact same plays with Ingle Martin and Chris Leak. So defenses prepare the exact same way for both. How different is Martin throwing a wide receiver screen opposed to Leak throwing a wide receiver screen?

Why after every Ben Troupe catch does he get up and run immediately off the field? IS HE TOO GOOD??? I saw him stay on once! He was running to the sideline and they waved him back into the huddle. You know how people blast Dave Wannstedtt for not giving the ball to their best player (Ricky Williams). Why don't people blast Zook for how he handles Ben Troupe?
Illini fans will recognize the patterns in the above passages. The clueless look on Zook's face. The personnel decisions and substitution patterns that don't seem to make sense (can't settle on a QB). Inability to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers (in Illinois case it's Benn). Terrible and seemingly random play calling.

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