Saturday, November 17, 2007

A loser's mentality illustrated

Brilliant ramblings of a loser from Illini Board

I'm going to call this a 2nd place finish

I know this season is going to go down as a third place finish in the Big Ten because we lose the tiebreaker to Michigan, but I'm going to go ahead and call it a 2nd place finish and challenge anyone (read: Michigan fans) who says otherwise. Lets compare Illini/Wolverine seasons:

-Illinois lost three games total, Michigan lost four. Advantage: Illinois

-Both teams lost to one team they definitely should have beaten. Illinois lost to Iowa and Michigan lost to Appalachian State. Michigan's loss was on their home field to a IAA team. Advantage: Illinois

-Both teams lost to one solid team that they definitely could have beaten. Illinois lost to Michigan and Michigan lost to Wisconsin. Illinois' was a head to head loss as well as a home field loss. Advantage: Michigan

-Both teams lost to one very good team. Illinois lost to Missouri and Michigan lost to Oregon. Michigan lost by a lot more on their home field. Advantage: Illinois

-In the Big Ten, Illinois didn't play Purdue or Michigan State. Michigan didn't play Northwestern or Iowa. The teams Illinois didn't play went a combined 6-10 in conference play, the teams Michigan didn't play went a combined 7-9 in conference play. Advantage: Michigan

So, of the five biggest differentiating factors between Illinois' and Michigan's seasons, Illinois looks more impressive in three of them. Add in the fact that we are more impressive in what I think is the most important factor (total wins), and it seems clear that the Illini are the superior team.

Don't let any effing Michigan fan tell you otherwise.
Notice how he tries to downplay the fact that MICHIGAN BEAT ILLINOIS HEAD TO HEAD!

The two teams have identical conference records and Michigan beat Illinois, end of story.

He tries to bring non-conference results into the equation. There's a reason they are called non-conference games.

The reason I bring this imbecility to your attention is simply to illustrate how the loser mentality is so ingrained in Illini fans that they grasp at straws, twist logic and rationalize their way being happy.

Like I said earlier, these dumbasses shouldn't be grinning about their 9 win season they should be pissed that it wasn't 10 or 11. The team the Illini beat will be going to the Rose Bowl as Big Ten champs. Fucking douchebags deserve Zook.