Sunday, December 02, 2007

Congrats Illini

You managed to back into the Grandaddy of them all, where you would have rightfully been playing if Zook only knew when to decline a penalty. OSU has slipped into the national championship game by default where it will take another epic beating at the hands of an SEC team. The Buckeyes are 0-9 against the SEC.

Likewise the Illini face a USC Trojans team that will finally be healthy and has been peaking. Although I think USC has been a media darling for the past few years I don't think there's any denying that Pete Carroll is a better coach than Zook (who isn't?) and that overall the staff at SC is better. In what will essentially be a home game for the Trojans the Illini will be mincemeat. Although I would have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Gators dismantle Illinois, USC will have to do.

Oh and I suppose I should be thankful to Illinois for allowing the Gators to have a chance to redeem their loss against Michigan in the Outback Bowl a few years back. That was a quintessential Zookian meltdown. The Gators score a TD early and Zook inexplicably goes for 2. Of course the Gators don't convert. Late in the game, with the Gators down by EIGHT, Grossman is driving down the field when the Gators attempt a play in which a freshman WIDE RECEIVER is throwing to the previous year's Heisman runner-up. Of course the ball was intercepted. Drive over. Game over. After all was said and done Zook could only say "Rex was open."

So enjoy it Zookheads. Maybe Zook will try that play against USC.