Sunday, May 04, 2008

More typical Zook bullshit

Use them and dispose of them:

No. 1 pick unhappy
Rookie halfback Rashard Mendenhall expressed some dismay over what happened to his brother, Walter, who left the University of Illinois football team recently.

Walter Mendenhall got a scholarship to Illinois in 2004 in what was regarded at the time as a package deal to get his younger brother the following year, and it worked.

"Yeah, they did not want him to return," Rashard said yesterday.

"He would have been a fifth-year senior but he is graduating from Illinois and then he will be at Illinois State, getting his one-year master's."

Mendenhall did not seem happy with Illinois nor head coach Ron Zook over the situation.

"Yeah it upset me. But to tell you the truth, with how things were, it didn't surprise me too much because it just wasn't in our favor over there."
Your best player talking trash about you on his way out the door. Way to win friends and influence people Zook. I can't wait to watch the wheels fall off.