Monday, May 05, 2008

New addition to the blog

I was bummed that the original web site had been taken down so I decided to rescue as much material as I could from there. Thanks to google cache and the guys at Zook Free Zone I was able to gather much of the original material from the site. I have posted it under the label "From the FRZ Archives". You can click the link in the sidebar and read that stuff.

I have posted the "Sermons" and "Editor's Notes" from FRZ according to their original date of publication. So you can also reach them through the blog archive in the side bar.

Why do I want to save this stuff? Well because history repeats itself. They say humans are the only animals that trip over the same stone twice. You Zookies are going be amazed at how Zook is able to stumble on the same stone many times. Plus having all that stuff in the blog archives is going to give this blog a bigger footprint on the net which will bring in more readers.

Enjoy your stroll down memory lane.