Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post game feedback

One of the best things about maintaining this blog is reading the reactions of Illini fans as they try figure out why their team is underperforming.  Some blame the assistant coaches, mainly the offensive coordinator, some blame the players, but very few blame the man who is responsible for all of it.  Zook has recruited some talented players, of that there is no doubt.  But to my mind talent needs to be developed and fostered too.  That is why Zook will NEVER be a good head coach. He's too dumb to abandon things that don't work and adopt things that work in other programs.  Stubborn and dumb is lethal combination.  Anyway let's take a look at some of the feedback from today's near loss to the Ragin' Cajuns of Louisana LaFayette:

Every problem we saw today is correctable, as Zook so succinctly said in "the Journey".
The thing is that he said that all the time during his three years at Florida and it never did get corrected until he was gone.
I'm telling you.. the best thing that can happen to us is if maryland lost the rest of their games and they picked up lox as a HC. We need to dump that garbage imo.
No, the best thing that can happen to you is that Zook gets fired and Illinois hires Urban Meyer.
we won. Get over it. OSU had problems with Ohio. It happens to good teams.
You're not a good team. Get over it.
We have a quarterback who can only complete passes to his first choice receiver in the progression. Our play calling is terrible.  And we look like a very unathletic team at a number of positions.
Bingo. Like I said, Zook has recruited some good players but was I the only one that noticed that a lot of last year's key players were Turner recruits?
I want to know what the he11 Frank and Jack were looking at when they said this could be one of the "Best Illini Defenses ever" There isn't enough Orange and Blue Kool-Aid on the planet to make that observation after today.
Apparently there is.
7-5 or 6-6 at best. brutal brutal brutal today
6-6 was my prediction. Boise, here we come!

There are huge holes on this team, and if they don't get fixed, a bottom level bowl is a best case scenario.
Pack your mittens, boys. Boise is awfully cold in December.
Anyone who's been an athlete and had big games comin up after a "lesser opponent" know that sometime you just go through the motions. Wether that should happen or not doesnt matter, because it does, in every sport. There's 2 weeks until PSU and the guys will definitely be ready for that game and it shuold be a good one.
And in two weeks what will your excuse be?
Big holes on both sides of the ball, and a continuation of some of the worst - and most puzzling - play calling in modern college football. Zook and Co have their work cut out for them.
So does your athletic director.
With our guys ability to recruit we should be dominating teams like EIU and ULL just on talent alone.
That's the type of thinking that got you this result dummy.

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