Saturday, September 13, 2008

You have to be kidding me...

The Ragin' Cajuns? The Zookies should have lost that game with the horseshit way they played. Be afraid Kool-Aid drinkers, be very afraid. The game was pure Zook, playing down to the level of inferior competition. Best moment was Zook getting in the face of his defensive player that got flagged for a marginal late hit. All class, but what do you expect from Mr. Trick Elbow himself?

I bet Penn State is licking its chops right now.


Anonymous said...

"Well the Illini made it look closer than it really was but an L is an L."

I'd await your claim that a W is a W, but I guess that logic doesn't apply to victories, huh?

Don't feel badly. It's clear from perusing this blog that consistency isn't your forte.

But hey, you at least earn marks for entertainment. It's more fun watching you seethe hatred toward Ron Zook than it is watching Illini fans seethe hatred toward Bill Self. At least they have a reason to feel spurned. All you've got is a tacky sort of feigned moral indignation. Two thumbs up for the unintentional comedy.

Not Baghead said...

Whatever, douchebag. They go to St. Louis and give up a ton of points to Mizzou and tack on a few points at the end to make it look competitive and then they almost lose to UL-L. You can feel good about that if you like but I wouldn't if I were and Illini fan.

Anonymous said...

So in other words, you have no interest in consistency or objectivity. Instead, in some misguided moral crusade, you'd rather follow around a used car salesman who burned you.

Nevermind that you're apparently oblivious to the fact that the only people who are buffaloed by the used car salesmen known as college football coaches are the fans of the coach's team.

Congratulations on such a monumental discovery. Now you can shout from the rooftops that used car salesmen are swindlers! That'll learn 'em!

(You're not exactly rocking the grey matter, are ya, Einstein?)

Not Baghead said...

Consistency: Illinois is a mediocre football team. In their win and their loss they were mediocre. As for my grey [sic] matter, who is reading whose blog? Who is arguing with a guy that has a bag on his head?

Run along now, you're late for your Mensa club meeting.

Anonymous said...

Playing well against a top-5 team and playing crappy at home against a Sun Belt team strikes you as consistent?

Come on. At least try to give the appearance of thinking.

Or just admit you got screwed by a used car salesman and can't move on. For your own sake, do one or the other.

Not Baghead said...

C'mon admit that you're hopelessly addicted to this blog and that you're a masochist and that the used car salesman now prowls your sideline.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this anonymous fellow is a waste of oxygen. Nice attempt at formulating an "argument", and when it gets fairly countered, you just repeat the same weak garbage over and over again. I wish I could remember that I'm in med school and I don't have time for mental midgets like this guy, but I have to speak up when Illanoy homers come to this blog and cry and moan that someone affiliated with their school is being ripped on, just like they whined about their boring Chief, Eric Gordon, Bill Self, their basketball team, losing to Michigan every year, the list goes on... and on... and on. Pathetic. No wonder they're considered the lamest and worst, most bandwagon fans in the Big Ten.

Anonymous, I'm sorry your coach is a joke who can't even create a coherent sentence or win against an actual team (or crappy ones half the time, for that matter). Still, if you're going to try to make an argument, have it make sense first, and then don't follow it up with a lot of whiny indignation and repetitiveness when it's challenged. Nevermind, you're an Illanoy fan, I wouldn't expect any different. I especially like how you tried to use an expanded vocabulary in your first post in a sad attempt to make yourself and your "argument" more intelligent, only to slowly make your posts more and more simplistic and inane as they went on. I'm sorry, you exposed yourself as the simpleton Illinois crybaby homer that you are. Please, just end yourself, you waste of life.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm sooooooo addicted to this blog that I forgot about for a week! ROFLMAO

As for Mr. OtherAnonymous, um are you seriously such a depraved individual that you would want someone you don't know from Adam to actually end his life because of comments made on a blog? That is sad.

I may disagree with NB's inability to be objective and his pathetic devotion to chasing after Ron Zook, but I've never once wished him physical harm, let alone suggesting he kill himself over something so meaningless as an internet blog.

I weep for the future of this country if we are producing people like yourself who take this stuff so seriously.

And, no, I'm not going to sink to your level of generalizing Florida (or any other team's) fans. I've made pointed criticism of NB based on what he has written, just as I've made a pointed criticism of you based on what you've written. It's typically a sign of a weak argument when the person has to resort to such banal generalities to make a point. Color me unimpressed if this is what American medical schools have to offer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, first Anonymous, you sure are one to talk about weak arguments, considering yours was about as weak as they come, and as stated, you could do nothing but repeat it multiple times to try to jam it home, inane as it may be.

I don't have to generalize anything, every Illanoy fan I've ever met has been the same. I have tons of Illinois fan friends, and I tell them to their face exactly what I've written here, and you know what? They admit it. I'm sorry you aren't man enough to admit your fellow fan-base has issues that everyone else in the Big Ten has been aware of for years. Do a search for Illinois fans and you'll get tons of hits that include the words "whiny", "classless", "bandwagoners" etc. etc.

You can make ridiculous and cliche' claims like "I weep for the future" all you want, but your reponses to NB were just as childish as anything I said. It must be nice to be so delusional that you can't even see your own faults, instead choosing to focus on those of others... sounds familiar... Hmm...

As far as my "end yourself comment", it's called hyperbole, and it's a phrase used on the internet all the time, basically as a way of saying "get out of here". Maybe it sounds a little harsh, but it's no worse than anything you would hear on a Saturday afternoon. Don't try to be a drama queen to hide the fact that you were exposed as a whiny fool on an internet blog.

Anonymous said...


So you once again claim my argument was weak, yet you once again fail to explain why. (Hint: "It's weak because it's weak" is not a valid reason.)

Then you attempt to back up your point with inductive reasoning. Also a very poor tactic.

And, finally, you follow it all up with deflection and tha avoidance of personal responsibility by using the cliched "everyone does it" excuse.

You've exposed nothing about me because you haven't actually used a reasonable approach to critique anything I've said. All in all, I'd say you have a great deal of work to do if you want to appear competent.