Saturday, October 25, 2008

Four years ago today

Exactly four years ago Ron Zook was fired as head coach of the University of Florida's Fightin' Gators. This column written by Pat Forde gives a brief overview of moRon's tenure in Gainesville from the disbelief that a top program was being turned over to an overrated motormouth assistant coach to embarrassment as he ultimately took on the student body. As to Forde's question of what to do with the original web site, we know that's a distant memory but I'm here to commemorate those fellow Gators that were right about Zook from day 1.

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jj gator said...

How ironic that on the 4th anniversary of the Zook firing at UF that Illinoise gets beat by Wisconsin and that Florida runs up the score on Kentucky 63-5.

As a Gator fan I say (1) Thank God for Urban Meyer and (2) Illinoise fans, don't say that we told you so about the Zooker. You refused to believe what we were telling you, but it looks as though we were right all along, doesn't it?

9:09 AM