Saturday, October 25, 2008

Post game reaction

Here's some of the post game commentary from the Illini boards:

i am begging someone to explain how and why zook should be a coach at a division I program?
Yeah, me too. He's been around the game of football as a player and coach for more than 30 years and still his failure to understand the fundamental concepts of the game astounds.

because he can recruit. Other than that...I'm with ya.
He recruited that quarterback of yours, didn't he?
I am so tired of watching this team crumble in the face of a challenge from a team that can match up with them (and some that can't). At the start of this game, Wisconsin looked like a team with shaky confidence, a team we should beat by 3 TD's. But true to form we play right down to their level and by the end of the game Wisky looked like a Top 25 team again.
I definitely understand. I've seen this movie before. It's a lot funnier now though.
Unforunately, as I posted after the Minny game, bad losses seem to be a part of the RZ package.
Countdown until this poster gets banned: 3-2-1.
This coaching staff's inability to consistently manage a game is beyond brutal. You'd think somebody would realize that and, at least, try to address it.
Like who? Aren't you paying Zook a lot of money to that kind of thing.
Just listened to the radio postgame interview of Zook. Always the same comments. Sounds confused and doesn't have a clue.
This is his fourth season there and you just realized that everything is "correctable" and that "we knew that"?
I wonder how many kids bolt after this loss? Several of them were still taking visits. Now I can see those schools using this downfall as cannon fodder to get those kids away from us. And you know what...I wouldn't blame them one bit.
This is why I never understood the logic of most Illini fans. Even if Zook is a great recruiter, how long will top recruits want to play for a proven loser?
Zook has got to go. If we can't make a bowl game with this talent, he is hopeless.
Your athletic director is probably drawing up a contract extension at the moment.
I've said all along that what is going to end up happening is Zook will be fired after another season or two of underachieving like this, we'll get an Xs and Os guy who will get the most out of top-flight talent, we'll have a couple of 10-11 win seasons, and once Zook's recruits are gone, we'll slip back to seasons 4-8 and worse. It's not the coaches, it's the program. It is incapable of sustained success.
Dude, you truly are an idiot. Programs can be turned around. An Xs and Os guy that wins can recruit. You need to find an up-and-comer. Someone who's done it at a small school or D1AA. Don't worry so much about recruiting. That takes care of itself when you win.
Zook has a worse winning percentage as an Illinois coach than either Turner or Tupper.
Shut up man. These people don't want to hear facts.

More later. I have the hiccups from laughing so hard


Gatorff said...

If they cant see the light by now,they never will. HAHAHAHAHA Zook...great loss on your ZFZ day anniversary. Loser

jj gator said...
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jj gator said...

To Gator fams reading all these comments, it's as though they're preaching to the choir. Perhaps some, but not all, of the Cryin' Illini fanbase is starting to withdraw from their Kool-Aid induced stupor and see the Zooker at face value for the idiot and loser he really is.

Hey Lox, are you regretting your decision to have gone back to the Zooker when you did?

Those who don't learn from the past are comdemned ot repeat it, and that's exactly what the Zooker is doing up there in Champaign-Urbana. I doubt he'll ever see the light too, FF.