Sunday, October 12, 2008

More from the Kool-Aid drinkers

Gotta love these from the Illinihq forum:

i was very disappointed in coach brewster. i expected a little more class from his players.
And I was expecting capitalization in your sentences. Seriously, I love it when fans play the "class" card after an embarrassing loss. At least you still have your class, losers.
And more class by Brewster himself. He dropped a ton of "F bombs" on the ref that was picked up on the ESPN audio feed.
Really? Shocking! A football coach that cusses. I can't believe it.
Screw Tim Brewster, sending his players out to goon it up in the first half. he lost a ton of respect with me today.
I'm sure he'll lose a lot of sleep over that tonight.
Unfortunately, I think this is what we're going to see with RZ. He's obviously rebuilt the program, but will continue to lose some maddening games, especially if there aren't upgrades in his coaching staff from an x's and o's standpoint.
Why is it that everyone blames the assistant coaches but never the head coach who hired them and who is supposed to be their boss?
Zook needs to learn how to keep his team motivated for four quarters every game. Locks needs to learn not to call the option on first down and goal from the eight every time.
Yeah, all they need is to learn to coach. Nothing like on the job training in the Big Ten.
I just want a special teams coach and a different coach calling the plays. Otherwise our coaching staff is very sound.
Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?
As for Zook's tenure, have the naysayers who are down on Zook actually seen the talent this guy is bringing to our program? Benn is a future Top 10 pick, and V. Davis and others will earn similar draft positions.
Why would a fan of a college care if a player is going to be a great pro if they are misused at this level? Boise State isn't a farm team for the NFL but THEY WIN. I thought that was the point.


Gatorff said...

I like this guy...he gets it

I did not have to look very far for this week's winner of the Ron Zook Award for worst basic coaching of the week in college football. It was the ultimate repeat winner: Ron Zook!

The question is how did the 11.5 point favorite at home Fighting Illini lose to the Minnesota Golden Gophers today with 246 more yards of offense, a 7.3ypp to 5.1ypp edge, and a victory in the first down department of 24 to 16.

Was it due to going -2 in the turnover department with one fumble returned for a TD and another inside the Illini's own 10?
Was it due to the Illini missing a FG, while Minnesota only missed an xp?
Was it due to a special teams performance gap that narrowed some of the yardage difference between the teams?

Now, the main stories on the game will probably emphasize all of those points. The mainstream stories would be correct to do so. However, I'm guessing most will miss that the Illini still could have, and should have, won despite all of those things if Ron Zook just knew basic coaching decisions. That's right, it is my argument that the BIGGEST reason the Illini lost at home to the Golden Gophers was due to Ron Zook, once again, making gigantic coaching blunders.

jj gator said...

I had to laught out loud at that complaint about Tim Brewster dropping the "f" bomb - left they either forget or don't know that moRon Zook was doing the same thing at the frat house on the UF campusback in 2004 before we finally canned his ass a month later.

And the Cryin' Illini should be the LAST ones to talk about class, especially after their players got into fights with Mich. State in 2005 and Ohio State last year. Win the game and then go back in to your locker room - DON'T mix it up on the field afterward.

Gatorff said...

I dont see any of the smart ass Illini fans chiming in this week. Maybe when they beat the next high school team they paly ,they will come back and gloat