Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zookian Nuggets

Here's some items that I find very funny. First there's this:

Illinois backup quarterback Eddie McGee is free following his weekend arrest on suspicion of knocking a woman to the floor during a dance...

They say McGee was somehow poked in the eye during a dance-floor fight and he allegedly reacted by pushing a 19-year-old woman. After she pushed back, authorities say McGee knocked her to the floor...

University spokesman Kent Brown says neither football coach Ron Zook nor McGee were available for comment.

Not available for comment? Hell he should have gone down there to inflame the situation break it up like he at Florida with the Pi Kapp's.

Then there's Zook's special teams troubles:
Two kickoffs out of bounds did not please Zook, with both setting up the Minnesota offense at their 40. Zook said he doesn't know what to do about the problem.

"You got any suggestions for me?" Zook said.
Huh? Aren't you being paid a handsome salary to know what do? I thought you were some special teams guru. I must be wrong. Love that "swinging gate" though. MoRon!


Gatorff said...

There is always one that just cant grasp it...check out this dumbass. This is the little kid that runs their board.

Illinois is definitely going to a New Year's Day Bowl. They won't lose another game all year...if things somehow get crazy like they did last year, there is still an outside possibility of the Rose Bowl. I doubt it will but I'm just saying...I think PSU will go undefeated so 2nd place is up for grabs.

jj gator said...

Jeez, we're back to vintage moRon Zook again. Can't discipline his players NOR can he figure out how to solve a problem.

Not Baghead said...

"Back to vintage moRon Zook"?

Did he ever stop being himself?

jj gator said...

NB, Zook will always be the same moRon day in and day out. I should have said that history's repeating itself at Illinoise; he's making the same mistakes up there that he did at UF.