Sunday, November 16, 2008

OSU postgame fallout

Nobody is surprised that Illinois went down again, this time to Ohio State. Nevertheless here's some of the best material from the Illini message boards:

Something has happened to Juice since Wisky
Yeah, he remembered he was Juice Williams.
Ron Zook has to go!, underachieving team. The Illinois football team could very well end its season missing a bowl game and under .500. Zook has had discipline problems (see broken jaw) and has not had commitment and dedication from his players all year. True they guy can recruit but that is not enough, that's why Florida fired him. This season has to go down as one of the most disappointing seasons in Big 10 history because of the talent the Illini has. Ron Zook will never win a major bowl game because he is a poor coach and horrible leader. If Illinois is serious about being a real contender in college football, it has to dump Zook.
Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
You realize with a win over NW, Zook will have accomplished something no other UI football coach in about 20 years has accomplished? Yeah, let's get rid of him now
Ah, yes. Your past mediocrity justifies your present mediocrity.
I'll bet Urban Meyer, Pete Carrol, Nick Saban, or ___________(fill in blank with any other winning coach) would all jump at the chance to come to Illinois for half their salary.
Dummy, do you realize that Bowling Green and Utah had Urban Meyer before Florida did? Do you realize that Michigan State had Nick Saban before LSU and Bama did? No, you're not a top program and you won't attract the top coaches in the game, but you can attract an up-and-comer who can truly turn your program around.
How quickly a Rose Bowl appearance is forgotten. Zook brought the Illini back from the depths of the Turner Era--which was nearly at death penalty status.
A Rose Bowl "appearance" (barely, I could have sworn USC played a High School team) gets you a scholarship from criticism in Illiniland? It was a fluke. Get over it.
Regardless, if RZ doesn't do something about our discipline, special teams, and play calling in the redzone, I just don't see how we'll ever be able to win consistently.
Discipline, special teams, and play calling in the redzone? What's left?
As I said on the game thread forum, if Zook can't get these goons under control then fire him. I don't care how good of a recruiter he is, if he can't teach discipline he must go!!!!
Perfect description of the type of players Zook loves to recruit: goons. Not all of them, of course, but enough to get in the way of building a clean program that wins.
I'm with you. I want to win against NW and then beat some directional MAC school in the Motor City Bowl. That should be very doable, yet I give us a 20% chance to accomplish this pedestrian feat.
Just like Zook, set the bar low and then expect NOT to clear it.


jj gator said...

"I'll bet Urban Meyer, Pete Carrol, Nick Saban, or ___________(fill in blank with any other winning coach) would all jump at the chance to come to Illinois for half their salary."

I swear some of these Cryin'Illini have become brain-damaged from drinking too much of the Zook kool-aid. NO WAY would one of the top guns want to take a huge cut in pay to go somewhere else unless they were caught between a rock and a hard place.

Zook is not out out to be in ANY type of coaching capacity - hell, that was apparent at UF in the mid-90's when he was demotred by Steve Spurrier because he was underproductive. And yet, he still remains as clueless and unaccountable as ever, besaides not being in control.

Repeat this mantra, Illini - Zook as a IDIOT AND A LOSER.

Anonymous said...

I think you people are idiots and have trouble recognizing sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

*puts hand in head*

Anonymous... you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I think Zook is an idiot,and deep think so too.I know that first bite of crow may taste bad,but suck it up

jj gator said...

Illini fans, Zook apologists and others of that same ilk: it's time to face facts. FRZ and those of us who took Zook at face value were right all along. Hell, even some of the Chicago and other Illinois sportswriters as well as some of your fanbase who withdrew from their kool-aid induced state of mind are already calling for Zook's head.

Ron Zook is an IDIOT. Clear-thinking Florida fans told you that all along, but some of you didn't listen.

Ron Guenther is an IDIOT for having hired the Zooker oblivious to all the events that culminated in his firing at UF back on 10/25/04.

Jeremy Foley made an IDIOTIC decision back in January of 2002 for having hired the Zooker in haste, by not making a diligent effort to bring in a candidate who was the right fit, and by not doing his homework beforehand.