Saturday, November 08, 2008

Post-game highlights from the boards

Well, after losing to Western Michigan the Illinois message boards are lit up like a Christmas tree. The Illini fans are hot and throwing blame around everywhere. Curiously, the big target of the hate is Ron Guenther, the athletic director. But not for hiring a moRon but for agreeing to a game against a MAC team in Detroit.

Anyway let's get to the action:

Typical trap game right before friggin' OHIO STATE.
Every game is a trap game, when you have a moRon for a coach.
Hopefully this team is incredibly ticked off, comes out ready to run through a wall and catches tOSU sleeping on a team that just lost to Western Michigan.
Yes, this is their fifth and final "wake-up call"
Way to keep those three timouts in your pocket Zook. I love what he has done for the excitement of this program. However, I can't stand the constant mismanagement of the clock, and not knowing basic football situations. WMU had first down at their own five with 43 secs left in the first half, and the Illini had all three timouts. To not use them is just unbelievable to me.
Zook has made a career of not knowing basic football situations. Why are you surprised?
one hit wonder. no reason to believe next year is any better.
And that one hit was a four-loss season capped by an embarrassing Rose Bowl performance.
I don't know what to say. Terrible scheduling move. Terrible Juice. Terrible O-Line. Terrible defensive gameplan. Terrible athletic director.
You missed one. Can you guess which?
Zook is TERRIBLE at winning the games when his team is favored. I am beginning to see why FL canned the guy. He either can't get the team ready to play weaker competition or can't coach the more subtle points of the game.
He can't coach the obvious points of the game, forget the subtle ones.
The bubble screen on 3rd and 10 in the last series was a terrible call.
Bubble screens. I had never even heard the term before Zook became coach at Florida. Then it didn't matter if it was Zaunbrecher or Fedora our offense became all bubble screens, all the time. Get used to it.
Please stop talking about "trap" games. Illinois is a bad football team. They haven't beaten a good team yet. And, no, they won't give OSU a game. They'll lost by four TDs, minimum. Fire Ron Zook!
Did someone call my name?
Coaching. Coaching. Coaching. We have NONE. Does not do any good to recruit if you can't coach 'em.
Bingo! You bought a faulty, one-dimensional head football coach.
This team just doesn't have it together and Zook should get the blame.
The effects of the Kool-Aid lasted a little longer in Illinois, but not much longer.
Remember when we were pre-season top 15 in the nation? I think I'm going to go dig out my August edition of ESPN the magazine and stare at it until I forget this season ever happened.
I know the feeling. Florida was similarly ranked in the pre-season in 2002, Zook's first season. I want to forget that season, and the next, and the next. But I can't forget those years or get them back, so this blog is my revenge.
Fire Ron Zook! Or else, demote him to a recruiting assistant coach. He's not smart enough to be a head coach.
That sounds very familiar. Where have I heard that before?
I'm looking forward to reading Fire Ron Zook tomorrow! Can this clown.
Why put off until tomorrow, what you can do tonight?
So should we hire the coaching staff of Western Michigan?
It wouldn't be a bad idea. The Broncos are 8-2. Seriously, who was Urban Meyer before he was head coach at Florida. He turned around Bowling Green and Utah. You need to find an up-and-comer. Zook never was one.
I'm beyond ill. I don't know who to blame anymore...but I do know that this season is officially a disaster.
C'mon, it's not that hard to figure out.
While listening to Zook's post-game show, he said we'll find out what this team is made of in the next 14 days. WTF, you got to be kidding me!!! I know one thing they'll find this team is NOT made of... GUTS!!!!
Ron Zook only learns what his team is made of 85% of the way through the season? Yeah that sounds about right.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you fully. Actually, if I remember correctly, UF was ranked #6 in the preseason his first year with a Heisman runner-up at the head of the offense. He still found a way to get blown out by Miami, blown out by LSU, beat down by FSU, and make possibly the stupidest play call ever in the bowl game against Michigan. Yet, every week, every problem was correctable and his players were improving. Of course when the game came around the next week, all the players came out flat and out of position. Illinois deserves better right now. If they could just find an Xs and Os coach, they could probably make the most out of that pile of talent out there in Champaign instead of just wasting guys like Benn, Davis, and Wilson.

Anonymous said...

By the way.....Meyer is winning without Zook recruits. Zook is losing with his own. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Et tu, Zook apologists?

jj gator said...

Jeez, I wonder what that small clique of GatorCountry Zookites who call themselves "the posse" have to say now? Seeing that Zook is in deep shit at Illinoise and our Gators are ranked #4 in the BCS headed ot their conference championship game, are they still "against the Zook firing"?

Also, I hope they serves themselves another heaping plate of humble pie; Urban Meyer's winning with his OWN recruits this time around; and IM Ohe's put together a much stronger team than he had in 2006. So much for Zook the master recruiter"......

Face it Illini fans, we knew what you were in for when your AD hired Zook, but you wouldn't listen.

If they could just find an Xs and Os coach, they could probably make the most out of that pile of talent out there in Champaign instead of just wasting guys like Benn, Davis, and Wilson.

You won't find it in Zook. He's like the antithesis of Midas - instead of everything he touches turning to gold, it turns to crap. He's letting all that talent he's been bringing in go to waste, just like he did when he was at Florida.

Zook is way too one-dimensional to succeed as a coach in any capacity. As a head coach, forget it - as much as he wants to think and tries to act as though he's a jack of all trades, he's a master of none.

But as he says way too many times, "It is correctable, and we're getting better and better".... yeah, BULLSHIT.

Anonymous said...

This from sports writer in Illinois

This has not been Zook’s best season, but he’s basically the same coach who brought Illinois from two victories in 2006 to nine victories in 2007. He didn’t get stupid overnight.

Same with offensive coordinator Mike Locksley, whose offense has done a lot of things right even if it has failed at some key moments.

If anything, I would take a look at the defensive coaching structure and figure out a way to tighten things up on that side of the ball. Even last year, in a season of success, the defense had plenty of holes.

jj gator said...

"This has not been Zook’s best season, but he’s basically the same coach who brought Illinois from two victories in 2006 to nine victories in 2007. He didn’t get stupid overnight."

Don't kid yourself, Illini fans. 2007 was more or less a fluke.

It was only a matter of time until Zook started laying stinkers down in Champaign, and he'll continue doing so until he changes his methods and learns how to effectively solve problems.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, the way Zook recruits and the way the Big 11 is down, Illinois should be competing for the conference title every year.

The Zook apologists at Illinois are starting to sound an awful lot like the old Zook supporters at UF. I don't think they understand that it doesn't matter how many 5* recruits he pulls in or how competitive they are when they lose. The team will never perform to the level they're capable of while he is at the helm. I don't know what it is, but he's never able to get the maximum output from his players.

You have to credit the fans though. They're very creative at assigning blame to almost everyone except for Zook.

1. It's the players' fault for coming out flat.
2. It's Guenther's fault for scheduling a gimme MAC game at a neutral site.
3. It's Locksley's fault for calling piss poor plays.
4. They can't win because they have 2 Co-Defensive Coordinators.

Well, if you ask me, these are all Zook's problems.

1. He should adequately prepare the players.
2. It's a MAC TEAM! Stop blaming the AD for the coach's incompetence.
3. Florida went through both Ed Zaunbrecher and Larry Fedora as OC, but the play calls didn't change. Your typical Zook 3 and out would be bubble screen for 2 yards, halfback draw for 1 yard, and another bubble screen on 3rd and 7. It doesn't matter who the OC is or what players you have, it's the same darn playcalling.
4. I seem to recall the Gators having a top 10 defense and winning the National Championship with Charlie Strong and Greg Mattison as Co-Defensive Coordinators.

Also, how is it that a "Special Teams Expert" like Zook is able to constantly field squads that are so feeble at special teams? Remember when Illinois tried the rugby punt? Remember when UF almost lost to Kentucky in 2002 because Derek Abney returned 2 kicks for touchdowns? It was a good thing that the special teams problems were "correctable" and the team was "improving every week." You know you have special teams problems when your quarterback (Ingle Martin) has to double as the punter.

Anonymous said...

Typical Zook team today against OSU stupid personal fouls,turnovers,horrid special teams and piss poor coaching hahahahahahahahaha

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