Saturday, November 08, 2008

Zook, Illini Screw the pooch. Again.

I want to welcome all of the new readers that are sure to visit this week. That feeling that you're feeling right now is what I suspect many Americans will be feeling after of a few years of Obamunist rule. But let's talk football. Ron Zook is simply not a good football coach. There is no doubt about it. He is what I have always called an "excitable meathead". He talks a big game but he simply doesn't have the intelligence to coach a football program above the High School level. What you are seeing this season is exactly what Zook is. Last year was the flukiest of flukes. By the way many of the key players from last season were seniors that were not recruited by the "master recruiter".

So here we are, right on course to fulfill my pre-season prediction:

I was looking at the Illini schedule and .500 seems about right. The way I see it Zook will have to be very lucky to beat any of the following teams:
Penn State
Ohio State
That leaves:
Eastern Illinois
Western Michigan
No doubt Zook will win one of the games he should lose but will also lose one of the ones he should win. 6-6 along with a visit to some 4th tier bowl is my prediction.
So the Zookies are 5-5 with games against OSU and Northwestern left. I hear Boise is nice in December. Bowling on a blue field is the best this team can hope for.


Anonymous said...

Predicting that we will go to a bowl game at all seems too generous...

jj gator said...

Zookism is a disease, Illini fans - and it's not a pleasant one - trust this coming from a Gator fan who should know.

(And BTW Not Baghead - T/H to 'Obamanist rule" - not only is that comment clever but you're spot-on. When I found out he won, I was sick to my stomach. I'm ont looking forward to the next four years, either.)

Anonymous said...

jj gator is a racist