Saturday, November 26, 2011

FRZ Redux

I was recently contacted via email by a journalist writing a story about the whole web site phenomenon. He had a couple of questions about this blog, asking if I was the original webmaster of I told him the truth which was, no. As I clearly state in the first post of this blog, this is a tribute to the original site. Anyway I exchanged a couple of emails with the guy and he didn't even mention this blog in his piece. Oh well. I thought there was an interesting angle there but apparently not. Anyway, read the article and enjoy. Fact is that none of these other sites that has popped up has been as a big a success or had such a lasting impact as the original FRZ. Often imitated but never duplicated.


Anonymous said...

He didn't mention your blog because it is a shit sandwich.

Not Baghead said...

Maybe. But so is Zook. And he's been fired and nobody can fire me from this gig.