Saturday, November 26, 2011


A Minnesota victory SHOULD guarantee a Zook canning, so let's go Golden Gophers!
-Anonymous Commenter

Well, his words about the game were prophetic, let's see what happens with Zook's job. In a collapse of Zookese proportions the Illini went 0-6 after starting the season undefeated at 6-0. Though technically bowl eligible it would be crime to all this team to travel anywhere as a "reward" unless there's a new bowl game in Siberia I haven't heard about (possible).

Was reading a recap of the game at the Chicago Tribune and had to laugh out loud:
The loss was especially surprising because the Illini played perhaps their worst game of the season against one of the worst teams in the Big Ten.

Minnesota, which entered the game ranked 110th offensively and 93rd defensively in the nation, stormed to a 27-0 lead as the Illini appeared energy depleted.
Energy depleted? Is that what the fancy journalists call giving up? That's what this was, a team that simply gave up. They gave up on the season, they gave up on themselves, they gave up on their fans and they gave up on moRon Zook.

For old times sake I dropped by the forum that used to be called Illiniboard. I found a thread entitled: New Coaching Comments Thread. Here's some highlights:
Chances were slim to none this coaching staff would be back, and slim just left the building.

Shortly afterwards this admonition:
Posting rules still apply.
Yes, I know about you and your silly rules, Nazi. Anyone that posts anything negative about Zook gets banned. Well there's too many of them now, they'll have to ban the whole community. Then there was this shining nugget:
Have we seen our final swinging gate?
Zook's special teams really looked ridonkulous with that swinging gate formation. And then there was this gem:
I am an Illini grad living in Florida and I look back to his hiring and all the Florida fans that laughed out loud to me when it happened. They knew he could recruit, but to make the recruits happy, you have to be able to coach and there were many many times in Florida games when he made seemingly bonehead calls where it seemed he was oblivious to the game situation, but we certainly have not seen that at Illinois.....ha
Bingo! No Gator fan cares about Illinois football, but you guys didn't want to listen to reason.
I just hope Zook was smarter with the 1.7 million dollar salary than he was with clock management. If so, he'll be fine. Take a year or two off and coach at a mid-major if still wants to work.
This guy made millions since 2002 at Florida and Illinois. I echo the sentiment, I hope he didn't spend it all on wet suits and ski boats because this clown won't be coaching again. A mid-major would be dumb to hire him.

So we can probably look forward to the firing announcement tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Getting the old photoshop ready. Good night folks, I may have to start working on


Anonymous said...

After that piss-poor showing by the Gators yesterday, I think it's time to start a FireWillMuschamp site. Damn, I miss Urban.

Jack said...

That's that! He gone! Thanks for nothing but an increased campus crime rate, MoRon.
Man am I happy my Gopher victory prophecy came true.
Thank you for having this blog, ImNotBaghead, nothing beat going on here after a horribly coached loss and reading all the truth you had to say season after season.

Anonymous said...

Eat shit.

Not Baghead said...

Why thank you for stopping by, Mrs. Zook.