Monday, September 15, 2014

History Does Repeat Itself

If you've stumbled upon this humble blog it's probably because you're somewhat invested in Florida Gator football. As the self-appointed custodian of the original Fire Ron Zook website and archives I haven't had much reason to post in the last few years. But in November of last year I came to the conclusion that Muschamp needed to go the way of Zook.

Saturday's "win" over Kentucky is more evidence on top of the mountain of it that has appeared over the last 3+ seasons. First of all the announcers talked about the much improved Kentucky team. Nobody has any way of knowing how good Kentucky really is as this was the first SEC game they played this year. As a result we don't know how good a win it really was for Florida. But judging from history, Kentucky is no better than a 6 win team. And where does that put Florida, a team that needed a bad call from a ref to win?

The bad call doesn't bother me. It happens. There was a brutal no call on a roughing/targeting play earlier in the game that went against Florida. These things even themselves out. And the game showed that the Gators and Wildcats are, for all intents and purposes, evenly matched.

If you're good with that, fine. Enjoy Muschamp. If you're not then I suggest you join me and my friends at the Fire Will Muschamp forum. This is the forum that was previously associated with the original Fire Ron Zook website and later became known as Zook Free Zone.

I'm hoping we'll rename it to Muschamp Free Zone soon.

P.S. Did you see Tyler Murphy destroy Southern California? He should be the Gator starter right now.

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