Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Will Muschamp in two drives

Over at the Fire Will Muschamp forum there's a great thread that I agree with 100%.

1:44 left in the 2nd Quarter - Bama 21 UF 14
1st and 10 at FLA 20 Matt Jones run for 1 yd to the Fla 21   
2nd and 9 at FLA 21 Matt Jones run for 5 yds to the Fla 26 
3rd and 4 at FLA 26 Matt Jones run for 2 yds to the Fla 28 
End of 2nd Quarter

Our defense has been absolutely shredded to this point and we are going to waste a possession and an opportunity to add points? I know Driskel hasn't been lighting it up but this is a game where our defense needs help, and of course, doesn't get it. I also realize only 1:44 on the clock but wouldn't that be a perfect time to use our new hurry-up offense? Classic Muschamp not utilizing all of the tools at our disposal, being conservative and afraid. Shocker. If you can't take a risk and actually go out and try to win a game you have no business winning anyway then you're not much a football coach.

5:27 left in the 3rd Quarter - Bama 28 UF 21
1st and 10 at FLA 35 Matt Jones run for 5 yds to the Fla 40 
2nd and 5 at FLA 40 Matt Jones run for 3 yds to the Fla 43 
3rd and 2 at FLA 43 Matt Jones run for no gain to the Fla 43
4th and 2 at FLA 43  Kyle Christy punt for 57 yds for a touchback

GAME OVER right there. Alabama just finished off a 16 play, 7 minute TD drive to go up by 7. We desperately needed at least a couple of first downs, if not a responding score ourselves and Muschamp goes full turtle again. Three straight Jones runs and punts. For all of the people who said getting a new OC won't matter because Muschamp will continue to dictate the offense, you were 100% right. 

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Anonymous said...

Can you please bring this current? Ron Zook has followed my interests from the University of Illinois to the special teams of my beloved Green Bay Packers and continues to destroy everything he touches. It would be really nice to see this man fade into obscurity but he continues to filter into positions he is less than qualified for.

Please, PLEASE, bring the fire Ron Zook conversation back!