Wednesday, October 16, 2002

FRZ Editor’s Notes 10/16/02

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


To our loyal readers (you psychos...): Our apologies for confusing you...the date stamp above is now reflective of when this was posted.

Our mistake....whaddya gonna do, fire us?

Travel a thousand miles or so up I-75 from Gainesville, through Georgia and the Tennessee Valley into Ohio and what do you get?

Bowling Green State University.

But FRZ, I thought this site was about Ron Zook and his riveting halftime speech that brought the troops to life in the second half...

I've never been to Bowling Green, Ohio, in my entire life. According to the school's web site, it's the county seat of Wood County and has a population of 28,500. It's even a "Best Value" according to Newsweek.

I just thought everyone would love to have a nugget or two on the team that is ranked AHEAD of the Gators in this week's ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll.

Let me reiterate ... Bowling Green State University. Of course, devout followers of have read our thoughts on Urban Meyer, the talented head coach of the Falcons already in the "Our Picks" section. For some inexplicable reason, the Gators are still in the poll. Another case of coaches protecting their own. I'm surprised that the Gators didn't have 3 first place votes courtesy of David Cutcliffe, Larry Coker and Nick Saban. I can hear the conversation across the southeast this morning - "Hell, if we keep him ranked, they can't fire him."

Like most Gator fans, I have become increasingly agitated as the weeks have gone by. Erased from my mind is the game in Knoxville. The only thing I can remember from that game is the story about Zook retold by Todd Blackledge about the Monday after the Ohio game. Zook's wife flat out asked Ron "Are we in trouble?" About 30 seconds after singing We Are The Boys From Ol' Florida, the answer to that question was clear...crystal clear.

In times like these, one can only fall back on optimism. Think of the bright spot: we only owe Zook $1.5 million for the next two years. Someone was smart enough not to offer a five-year contract.

Shreveport is lovely right around Christmas time.