Tuesday, November 12, 2002

FRZ Editor's Note 11-12-2002

Since fireronzook.com has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


The new team motto is WTG, which stands for Win This Game.

The latest quote by our (sigh) Head Coach is:
"We can only control what we can control"

That's very profound. Ingenious, even. We can only control what we can control. It's all clear to me now. We've been going about this all wrong, the entire time! If we want Zook to understand us...we have to speak his language!!! We must get down on his level, get out our pencil boxes and spelling workbooks, and COMMUNICATE with him! Now that we know how to communicate with Zook, here is some advice:

You can only block the blitz if you block the blitz

We can only score points in the 2nd half at Vandy if we score points

A field goal is only a field goal if the ball goes through the field goal

Good special teams can only come from a good special teams coach

Halftime Adjustments are only made if you actually adjust at halftime

When the 97th ranked team in the nation holds you to 149 yards in the 2nd half and shuts you out...YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG
Ok, so maybe that last one isn't quite in the Ron Zook Communication Manual, but all I have to do is add two more sentences with no periods and it's a winner.

As for the team motto, it's not all that different from my version of the team motto, which since Zook took over has been WTF...

I leave you to your own conclusions to decide what that stands for.