Monday, December 02, 2002

FRZ Editor's Note 12-2-2002

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


On the subject of our loss to FSU:
"It hurts," Zook said. "It hurts our players bad. It hurts our coaches bad. But they were the better team today."

Yes Ron...yes they were. But exactly why were they the better team today? Was it because they have a better running back? No. Was it because they have a better quarterback? Hell no. Maybe it was because their receivers are more skilled. Wrong again. Let's's the fourth quarter, we're down 31-14 with 8 minutes left and it's fourth and ten on our own 46 yard line. Florida State hasn't put together a decent drive in the entire second half. What should we do Ron?


But I'm getting ahead of myself. That play call didn't lose us the game, even though it sure as hell didn't help our situation.

It's been a long, long season as a Gator Fan/Alum and I for one am tired. Damn tired. I've never been so happy to see the season end, and to tell you the truth the fact that I just typed that sentence completely sucks. When college football season rolls around my friends and I are livid with excitement. It's the hap-hap-happiest time of the year, by golly! Celebrations abound! Sure, most times we end up being disappointed at some time or another, every season has it's unexpected losses. Hell, we haven't won in Choke the Chicken Doak Campbell Mushrooms With Poop Soup Stadium since the 80's. We all know that.

But at this point, even the fans who hated my guts at the beginning of the year are asking themselves, what the hell? The media is wishy-washy, they'll side with whoever is winning that week. Hence, they are now hanging out with me again after thrashing me for 3 weeks. The team itself, well, I'd be pissed off if they didn't support Zook 100%. Surprised to hear that? Well you shouldn't be. Just because I don't want Zook coaching UF anymore doesn't mean I want a re-enactment of 'Mutiny On The Bounty' on my favorite football team.

We've seen a season. We know how Zook performed during previous years in lower visibility positions. We sure as hell don't need another season for Foley to prove to the world that his decision was made hastily, and unfortunately, in error. Hundreds of emails after the Tennessee game told me to 'be a man and admit you made a mistake'. I urge you to resend those exact words to Foley.

Why, you ask?

Because it hurts.