Thursday, December 12, 2002

Preach on Brother.... 12-12-2002

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


I sit here and make arrangements to go to the freaking Outback Bowl and I get sick. I get a lump in my throat like I am going to blow chunks outside the Porpoise (God rest it's soul). At first I am like screw it I am not going to the "F"ing Outback Bowl. But then I said I owe it to those seniors and to Rex to go root them on one last time. They stuck it out and got royally screwed. I also want the athletic association to have plenty of money. I want them to be able to easily afford a new coach, while buying Zook out of the most ridiculous contract ever handed out in college football. What a joke 1.2 million dollars and we have to give him a year or two for his stupid system to work!!! HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? I know I keep bringing up Cal, but why is Teleford's system so effective and working and Zook's so hard and clearly not working? How long did it take Hawaii to learn June Jones' system? And I am no June Jones fan! What about Kentucky? That fat slob up there threw all over the place.

The Outback Bowl, how do you get excited for that?

Grass parking lot I guess, 11am kickoff with New Years Eve spill over effect, I mean how? Do you understand how boring this game will be? BIG TEN FOOTBALL! YAY!
I hope we can protect the ball, punt well and win the ole battle of field position! YAY!!! YIPEE!! FIELD POSITION!!

Wow, how drunk is the Florida section of that stadium going to be? Remember when it was fun to watch the gators, even 1992, by no means are greatest year but it was still fun to watch Willie and Harrison out there attacking defenses, playing with balls, trying to win. We used to put pressure on a defense, now what do we do? What is the goal? PROTECT THE FOOTBALL AND PUNT FROM THE 40 YARDLINE! Why?

Why wouldn't these new coaches keep all or most or some of our old system? Was it too familiar for our 19 and 20-year-old kids? Did it work to well? Were we trying to protect Rex's arm from getting tired? Or shelter Ingle from a beating he would take when relieving Grossman at halftime like Berlin used to do? Wouldn't you steal some of the old system? I mean that seems obvious to me. Coaches steal from each other all the time.

One of the guys at found this today:
"Did You Know: Florida hasn't scored 30 points in a regulation game since September. Last time the Gators went all of October and November without scoring at least that much: 1960." -ESPN

I swear you don't know how hard it is to write these sermons, I get so pissed every time I write one, I get physically angry. It would be so much easier to just not do anything, cut my losses and wait for two more years ignoring football. Then I think of the students at UF right now, what games are they going to remember in the Swamp? Quezzie's catch and Fred Taylor's run in the 1997 UF vs. FSU? Nope! Manning's last game and Tony George's interception? Nope. Darren Hambrick's interception return against Georgia in the Swamp�, no they will remember that LSU game!!! Stupid Foley and stupid Ron Zook.

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