Thursday, December 19, 2002

Preach on Brother.... 12-19-2002

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


I love how the Gatorzone listserv thing sent me an email about 5 jucos coming to Florida. This means several things:
1-ron zook is not, never was and never will be a good recruiter. Morons will say he got Jacksonville back, NONSENSE!!! Jacksonville has always been a gator town; it's just the probation and us being down before Spurrier won at Florida that sent recruits elsewhere.

2-Zook now understands that his contract expiration date is his firing date, other wise he would look to sign freshman so he has them for four years.

3-Zook may have helped nullify his excuses. If your "system" (which I refer to as run-flare pass- pass-punt system, or the void speed advantage system) then why recruit two year guys? These are wasted recruits because zook's "system" is so complicated, they couldn't possibly understand it next season, and therefore really only grasp it their senior seasons…so why bother? How stupid is this guy, or was he lying the entire time? He was lying, the system sucks.

4-Foley will also run out of excuses for his buddy. How do you explain a 5 jucos recruiting class? To me 5 jucos is what Mississippi State recruits, not Florida. Jucos also tend to get in trouble, they generally lack something, such as intelligence to get into a real college to begin with. Taking 5 is a pretty big risk compared to 1 or 2.

5-the nightmare will continue!

How in the hell did this happen anyway?

The problem now with recruiting is that no one in their right mind believes that zook will be here in three years, no one. And it is not because of this or any of the copycat websites like it. The sporting news mentioned it last week. The only people on this planet who believe zook will be here are, Mike Gottfried & Bill Curry of ESPN and Jeremy Foley. Zook even sees the handwriting on the wall. That's why he's going for a quick fix instead of establishing a program. He has no patience, because he even knows his ass is grass in a year or two. I am glad he understands that. That loser better take Zaunbrecher and himself into every offensive coaching camp they can get to. I want to hear Foley explain our number 7 or 8 finish in recruiting in the SEC again like he did last year. Freaking Mississippi State finished higher then us in most every ranking, and we shut them out! What a joke! How much worse does this entire situation have to get? Michigan is slow and awful, they have nothing but one wideout who isn't as good as Jacobs or Perez. They have no chance. So Foley gets a bowl win and an excuse to keep his buddy in for another year.

I can't even enjoy what's going on at Free Shoe's U. The cops are questioning players about gambling and tanking games and they still keep Bowden because he wins. What an embarrassment for that clown school. The president of FSU has no dignity. Even though that scumbag Bowden is taking heat about gambling and everything else that is going and has gone on up in Tallahassee, reporters are already making excuses for him, "he couldn't have know about it" blah, blah, blah!!! Deion never went to class and played in the sugar bowl…give me a break!

Two more "f"ing years!!!

How am I going to take it?

New York City